True story, go Google something

^Link for yor convenience.
What is so new about it?
Fantasie Productions wrote:
So you know that link isn't google. O.O That is ancient old <.< Wow amazing you just found it. It types for you people. Thats it.

You were supposed to let it google it for you. Then you'll see that the page with your results has changed (there's a status bar type thing on the left side).
Screenshot? I see nothing different.
I think people see the update at different times. I read this yesterday and saw nothing but saw the updated Google today. It looks a bit awkward but I can get used to it, especially after the youtube update, which I'm still trying to get used to.
On a related note, I see it now.
Google has been testing new layouts for a while now. I had a different layout for Google for a couple of days at my work and then it went back to normal, so don't assume it's a permanent change.
hmm, looks like I recently got an updated layout as well. Maybe they finally settled on one.