Wolfram Tones is a site that allows you to generate midis based off a selected genre, allowing you to customize certain settings such as instrument and tempo. In doing so, this immediately struck me as a easy way to create music for Byond games :D. Seeing as presentation plays a major role in development and most programmers while talented may not be as talented in other categories, this could easily help enhance projects without much work. Here's a few examples of what I came up with within a few minutes:

Rock/Pop one slowed down a bit : GL1mJtkbqDqQZKnLRos2u0MzSoLmhnQaumYGDpzKaOixZp

Ambient, unedited: G1J13sFu4IWo2NWL8KTmxZXSsULFIsm80QVPQtGLCf1ESnMW8

Another unedited ambient: GRPiC7RXGbTCdTOYigHfmO2gVNHrgCwdpZZ567vOVPTmzk

Awww, that kinda sucks... :(
Sounds like junk retarded can such a resourceful (if it does produce something good, haven't tried it) author be?

Good try anyway Mecha :(
I've visited that site several times in the past and read through their legal nonsense. What they mean by "the content" isn't clearly defined. I choose to think they mean the content of their website: the code, the graphics, all the stuff that makes it work. If you were to take their tune generating code and plug it into your own website, that would be off limits. I don't think it means that the dynamically generated tunes which are sent to you are off limits. If it does in fact mean that, then 1) they're idiots, 2) why does the site even exist? 3) how could they ever tell if you use a dynamically generated song, there are so many issues at hand there I don't even want to get into it, and 4) they're idiots.

When I used it, I played around with it until I got a theme for a song I liked, and then I built off that theme using a mod tracker. And then I lost the file. Such is life.
It's okay I guess. It's not exceptional but I guess it's just generated stuff anyway.
It's not terribly good music anyway. It's passably inoffensive to the human ear, though in most cases just barely. I'd say they still got awhile to go before their technology is all that useful.