I been playing the Halo Reach Beta!! Amazing and different, but it still gives that lovable halo combat we love. I been playing for a few days and I really haven't seen any thing wrong with it. Just a few OPed weapons like the Magnum, but you can't really kill a group of ppl with it. The new armor powers creates more of a fun situation instead of the straight up combat we seen on halo 3. I think this beta is perfect, I just not imagine anything better for the full game, but I have one complaint. The armour you buy with your hard earn credits. They need to be more something nice to look like. Don't get me wrong they look good but not amazing I know it's the beta but just food for thought. Great Job Bungie!
Armor is actually kind of useless since it doesn't really do anything except make you a bigger target to hit.
Only noobs get hit.
I would say the magnum is fine, and resembles the magnum from Halo: CE. I think the AR is a piece of crap now, it needs a power boost. As does the needle rifle.

Love the assassinations though :). I have had a few problems but meh, it's the beta and that's what it's for, find bugs and things that need to be tweaked.
Only noobs need a power boost.
Lets not forget the overpowered grenades that are being spammed everywhere.
Armor Lock
I'm surprised this hasn't been troll bombed yet. Usually happens to Halo topics on the net these days.
Yeah the nades are so OP they at least have a radius of a scorpion tank