Not Feasible
Applies to:Dream Maker
Status: Not Feasible

Implementing this feature is not possible now or in the foreseeable future
Currently as it is (as far as I know) icon_state can only be used to set a constant animation for someone. And if you want to set it to a specific frame, then you have to make a completely new animation with just that state. This is more of a nice easy perk that'd be really convenient to stop bases from piling up animations when they're really just frames from each other (Hairs, Clothes, and all that must be copied and pasted if you clone the animation, which can be a pain for anyone who wants a lot of customization and has a lot of animations).

Something like this:
src.icon_state = icon_state("Punch",3)
//Where 3 = the 3rd Frame and it would stay at that frame.
//Pretty much the same as the icon() proc but for icon_states

If something like this were added, it could serve as a temporary fix to Falacy's flick() idea, via making a custom flick().
I second this, for one I wouldn't have to waste so much time putting states together and programming all of these states that is just wasting tons of my programming time and error could pop up when I am programming all this shit because I will probably be confused and I wouldn't have to program as much.

I recommend dantom or whatever other BYOND admins add this in the next update
I don't really see how this could be made to work as icon_state is always a string, so there'd have to be some sort of parsing built in. It seems like modifying flick() is actually the better way to go. Since there are other requests to that effect I'll close this one.
Editing flick won't allow partial icon_states to be used though, unless you plan on adding the time spent on a single frame as well.

Imagine 2 sword slashing animations (closest thing I could think of). Both share certain frames, but are used for different amounts of time and at different times in the animation. If you could do the thing I said above, you could tie together the animations in pieces allowing for you to not have to draw clothes/hairs/everything else 10000x for a ton of frames that're similar in different animations. It would also allow for you to use controls such as speed to affect how fast you slash (and the actual animation, not just a cooldown).

If you edit flick, we'd literally have to constantly flick the same animation until the desired time would be over, whereas icon_state sticks until it is changed, is the reason why I suggested it. But I guess that just depends on how far in depth you meant on modifying flick. As long as its capable of doing the above (which ultimately saves a ton of icon work, since we're not working with models and textures here) would rock.