So, my GSDC has two parts. The Game, and the Nexus.

For the most part, I've been spending the first week working on the Nexus part of my project.

I envisioned a lobby server that acted as a hub for all of the game servers. The lobby server would have centralized player rankings and keep track of all of the game servers and manage things like matchmaking for the players and whatnot.
Essentially, I envisioned this lobby as the center of a competitive community for a BYOND game.

That's what the Nexus part of my GSDC is.

This is about where it is thus far.

I'm just about done with it now.
There's still a few more tweaks and fixes to make, but then afterwards I will start working on the actual game.

The game will be able to run in Nexus Mode and Isolated Mode. Nexus Mode means that it will keep in touch with the Nexus hub and, in a way, behave like a dedicated server for the game.
Isolated Mode means that the game will run independently of the Nexus hub and provide basic functionality (No rankings or statistics, No clan support, No friends systems, etc)
Most impressive. The nexus system seems rather well polished from the screen shot. Damn near like some of the professionally developed games I've seen. Keep up the good work D4RK3.
I was wondering why IainPeregrine put "yay" next to Frostburn on his breakdowns of the rankings. From the sounds of this interesting inter-server architecture model, it seems I've an idea now. ;)