by Yut Put
Adventure through an all-new region with your friends, as you catch Pokemon and face new foes!
how do u get to the 7th gym, i stuck someone plz help me
How do i get the waterstone i want to evolve my poliwhirl its lvl 40 and i want to evolve growlithe
so where fire stone plz someone tell me
im hosting for the night or as long as i can i wont be on the server but the server work and click new character if the load dosent work it keeps ur pokemon on just u start in at beginning but wit all items pokemon and badges so hae fun!!!!!
Serve de pokemon 100% br e o unico 24 hrs..vamo pra lá XD.
http://www.byond.com/games/ Jordan_naruto_08.PokemonSquardsBrasil?tab=index
I just began this game i just got banned for no resond
i got unbanned
You GUYS Starting today Imma Host All Days
My sever works
Close For a while be back on before you know it
My Sever will open at 8:30
my server will be open almost all day everyday people, except maybe wen im at work but it will be up for at least 10 hours a day, but i will try to make it stay up much longer but idk who at home might turn the computer off while im gone but other than that up all day even wen im at work
this games good as hell to me but it just started crashing like crazy wtf going on?
for all new players if it seems like u cant load ur old saved game press new account u will start from the beggining but still have all of ur progress like nothing happened the only difference is everytime u log in u gota spawn at beggining but all ur progress is still there
and u can play ur saved games on any server
u shouldn't give up on this game other people may hate it but what about the people that love this game like me. my friends always play this game but now there getting bored cause there is no new region and no 1 2 vs cause of the server all im saying is pls dont give up on this game its really awesome
Can you only have 5 pokemon on you in this game or am i bugged? Won't let me carry 6
Can you only have 5 pokemon on you in this game or am i bugged? Won't let me carry 6

Oh never mind. I was bugged. Not that it matters any more seeing as i put my Eevee in the computer, saved the game then relogged and this deleted my save. Guess i have to start from scratch now.
lol i think im bugged i can carry as many pokemon as i want
Anyone will Host this game some day? i realy want to play online xD
im hosting saturday tommorow
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