Poll: Change it or Keep it?

Change it. 78% (11)
Keep it. 21% (3)

The polls are now closed.

Alright, I know this is a rather small thing to make a big deal out of, however.

I can't quite decide which grass turf to use, likely due to my obvious perfectionist output on graphics.
Personally, I prefer the new one, seeing as it looks better with the turf and the new graphics I'll be incorporating.

Despite my opinion, I want the community to decide seeing as it's the community that I need to please.

Anyway, here are the screenshots of a small test environment I threw together.

Change it (modded):
+Higher contrast.
-Less detail.

Keep it (original):
+More detail.
-moderately dull.

Also, for those who didn't catch it, PSe's estimated release date is currently January 9th, 2011.


PS: I only have 71 days left on my membership, therefore I will likely only make one more blog entry before purchasing my new key.
I say change it. Looks kind of blurry to me.
Use both.
The green hue looks more natural and satisfying personally. I'd say change it.
I prefer the top one simply because it's easier and smoother to look at for the eyes.
The bottom one has too much Dark and Light contrast fighting with each other that it's battle inflicts injury upon my eyeballs.

Maybe, if one was used for Morning and the other for Evening it wouldn't be too bad. But having the bottom one constantly, is just like I said, an eyesore.
-Poll Closed-

All input was highly regarded and appreciated.