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Please contact me immediately, as my hosting service has been down for a day and a half now. I've tried e-mailing you, but no response so far.

Edit: For anyone curious, this has been resolved! Airjoe took care of it. Turns out the VPS company wasn't sending invoices, so he wasn't sending them, and it got shut down due to no payment.

He says he's going to switch over to his own system for them now, so you can thank me for improving that part of the service!

ATP is pretty top-notch, this is the only trouble I've had with them, and it's nothing compared to the good service.
If I can recall, Airjoe had said something relating ATP Hosting.
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So maybe ATP Hosting is undergoing some maintenance or issues are appearing for their clients.
They were having some problems earlier this month from the server provider. I'm not entirely sure how widespread that was though
Funny, my server has been fine.
Seems to be the case, I guess all I can do is wait and see.
Edited the post for anyone who's curious.