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I would like there to be a way to sleep the thread while browse_rsc() is transferring the file in question.

What I'm trying to do is I'm trying to make a loading screen where the game waits for all players to finish loading graphics that have been generated at runtime.

Perhaps something like browse_rsc(file,name,sleep) where sleep is a boolean value that tells the proc if it should sleep the thread or not?
why don't you add a image in to map then send usr to loc and then sleep for 10 seconds then start!
That's worse.
It isn't guaranteed to send all of the generated graphics to the user and I'm not going to have all of the pregenerated graphics on an object at the time when they need to be loaded.

Additionally, that doesn't appropriately sleep the thread as the client is downloading the resources, which is what I need.
This would be a great improvement and a way to remove icon "pop-ins" when people log into a game.
I just found myself requiring this functionality; apparently browse_rsc returns immediately instead of waiting for the file to be transferred so I have to rely a timeout to display generated images.
My current workaround is to use browse_rsc with the same filename. This seems to update the icons in the cache. On the browser control I have some Javascript code running that constantly refreshes the image. This seems to work -- at least in IE9 in IE8 mode.