Anyways, I'm usually a wordy individual when it comes to posting but I'll try to keep it short as well as condense what it is I have to "announce". So I'm finally done with my sophomore year of college (yay I passed!) which means I have free time (theoretically). Seeing this post referring to a previous post I made over two months ago, I decided to make THIS post stating such:
  • Still trying to decide what to do with Ultimate Strife as well as my other games that actually exist in some digital form
  • Speaking of Ultimate Strife, it's quite possible that it would be better to start from scratch rather than fix it's poor code structure. (I'm sure I didn't plan to be still tweaking it almost five years later)
  • With the above said, I've been planning remakes/replacements/spiritual successors so to speak, the latest of which I dub "Ultra Strife"
  • Ultra Strife I plan to have features I previously mentioned in posts longggggg ago but of course with more. I also want it to look distinguishably different from Ultimate so I may need icon artists, otherwise using icons created by me, and hence my same "style" will result in a similar look...I'm going more towards a "arcadey/gamey" look if you can call it that..
  • Basically, Ultra Strife SHOULD be what Ultimate Strife was meant to be
  • What will happen to the original US as a result remains to be seen....
  • With a name put out there, hopefully the Quote of the Day can work for the reverse, instead inspiring me to create it
  • Also working on Blackberry applications but hey that's no fun so more than likely I'll be drawn to byond, I need as much programming experience as possible

Until next time folks, off to bed..