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Icons for BYOND to share! Uploaded by the BYOND community.
i am reporting an admin. kagai tenma was telling me that the game was just a chatting game and thats it. she said that my item shop was a waste of time.(i didnt care because that was her opinion). then she deleted all my objects. which was my house and shop and everything i built.
I think you posted that on the wrong hub?
how do i use icons
You must be a subscriber to be able to use your icons. But it doesn't matter at all! People use this not only for a resource engine, but also a stupid chat room. :X
Dude! Wrong game. This is Icon Share, not creators world. :X

Which is changing into Creators United. :x
I love this game. It's great to gather almost any icon one could wish for.
how do i make icons
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Isiahbarnes2 wrote:
how do i make icons

Download an icon and open it, from there you should be able to figure things out.
I got a problem. Whenever i try to upload an icon, it says "Cancelled?". how do i fix that. I tried with like 3 icons with different accounts but still says the same thing. I tried even renaming the icons, in fact i even re-installed BYOND. But its still saying the same thing. Please some1 help :O
how do i get the icon cause when ever i upload them only stand and walk show in the game how do u fix that
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How Dig is the File you are trying to up load cuss sometimes it does that to me?
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Vickterx wrote:
how do i get the icon cause when ever i upload them only stand and walk show in the game how do u fix that
What do u mean ???
To get an Icon from Iconshare Just Search for it the Click download.
To up load a Icon of your own TO Iconshare There is a Button that says 'Upload New Icon' under the search bar.
'stand and walk' What do u mean ???
Designing an Icon Search Engine, to download rip icons for game developing is just sad.
Just ignore Audio Freak XD. He's pissed that no one likes his game. (it's sh*t.) This is a wonderful engine that could really be helpful to new game developers. While it shouldn't be used for professional games, it can help kickstart new devs, which this community desperately needs.
i'm 2500-th fan xD
every week I come here
3000th fan
Why is iconshare down?
Please bring IconShare back!
Bring back iconshare D:
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