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Any possibility of modifying the hub page stat tracker thing to include unique (and possibly non-unique) hits to a hub page. And if so, can it be extended to show whether or not users bothered to click on specific tabs, and again, if so, what tabs they clicked on? And also, if again possible, something to indicate whether or not the user is logged into a BYOND Key or not.

The more information developers can get from their hub page, the more likely they are to try and put some effort into making it look good. That, and I'm curious by nature.

Ideally, I'd also like to know how much time they spend on a specific tab, but I get the strange feeling that might be pushing it a little too far.

(I'm more than capable of creating a hit counter in PHP and using an image located off site to display the counts in a unique and non-unique fashion. But I think they look tacky. And it also separates what I think is near-necessary developer information.)
I'd figure this would go somewhere in the hub's "Stats" where the Downloaded/Hosted statistics are shown.
That's entirely the idea.
Very well then, I would love to see this implemented.
Same here, great idea.
I shall back your idea, sir.
As shall I. Good idea.
Not sure if you track basic information about how many people have viewed hub pages, but it seems like useful information that would be sensible to publicly display.