Poll: How often do you keep the first name that your project is given?

Always 37% (10)
Sometimes 29% (8)
Never 33% (9)

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This is a random query I came up with in the process of starting a new project as I noticed that most of my games besides my anime/franchise-inspired ones were named vague descriptions while I contemplated a suitable name for them. Hence: RTS (Ultimate Strife), Word Game (Super Stick Skirmish of Superb Scrappers), Blood Action (Splatter), and so on.

I have a subconscious tick to not name a project til it's either done or half done.
Usually naming it 'Project [project name]'.
I tend to stick with the names I give my project in the start.
Like Dragonball: Dark Core, I haven't seen any game use the title "Dark Core" so I went with it.
I feel that if I make a set-in-stone design for a game, it's easier to grab motivation whenever I tend to lose any.
My games get named after they get a theme. I usually design with mechanics first so they might get a genre placeholder until then. By the time I find a name, the mechanics have probably changed enough to start another project environment with it.
I think that there's a tendency to choose a name and stick with it, and this is what I used to do all the time. These days I force myself to start with a project code name, and leave deciding on an actual name until the project is almost finished.
Same name for four years.
/me glares at Seika