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Well I made attempt making platformer, I can't see any bugs but it's because I know how it should be, right? If anyone wants to test, go ahead and post bugs as reply here :)
Pretty cool. Only thing I have a problem with is the jumping. Jumping up isn't the problem, going down is. I feel like it takes to long to get back to the ground.
Well I guess I could try to increase gravity...
Ripiz wrote:
Well I guess I could try to increase gravity...

I think it'd run better.
I don't like how there isn't any momentum, you have a set speed at all times. You're able to change direction in the air without a reduction in speed.

I also don't like how jumping also seems to be in a set arc, you can't hold the jump button for a a little bit then let off for quick jumps.

Other than that is seems solid.
SuperAntx wrote:
I also don't like how jumping also seems to be in a set arc, you can't hold the jump button for a a little bit then let off for quick jumps.

Do you mean holding jump key to increase jump height?
Pretty much. A quick tap for a small jump, holding the button longer for a higher jump. It would allow for more precision platforming and better level design.
I get really excited when I see pixel movement stuff like this! Keep it up!

Bug report!

Well, to make a short story shorter, when going down after death, you're still able to move left and right, and grab coins.
I like stuff like this as well. Shows that people are starting to realize pixel movement is worth learning.

No offense, but I don't think BYOND is worth it at all. I made test in which I I found out C++ performs math up to 500 times faster.
Also BYOND has high network usage, so it makes a lot lag, making a lot games unplayable.

- Disable diagonal movement. With my hotkeys on my laptop, I can go into the dense ground turfs with southwest/southeast keys, not sure why.

They aren't actually dense, but thanks for the bug, never though of this. Have to blame default macros again XD

- Make spacebar or something other than "Up" jump.

I really would like to know what's wrong with up key? Please explain :)

- When I fall and die, I hear this REALLY loud sound effect that sounds like it's repeating a few times at once. I had my sound up pretty loud because your other sounds were quiet, thus scaring the crap out of me when I decided to jump off a cliff...

Sorry about that one 0.o I haven't really tested loudness, I though it was alright

Good luck with your project!

Thank you

Well, to make a short story shorter, when going down after death, you're still able to move left and right, and grab coins.

I though I fixed coin picking, guess will have to edit death system. Thanks.
1) The purpose of programming languages is solving problems. Taking this into mind, a low level ("lower level" is ambiguous syntax, all languages are said to be either low level or high level) language is only superior to a high level one in that it is better equipped to deal with certain kinds of problems (of course, this depends very much on the languages in question). There is no reason to think DM is inferior to C++ because it performs worse.

2) As a language, DM looks to be modelled after C++ and C# (but don't take my word for it), or at the very least these look to be the languages that most resemble it. I'm not so sure I would compare it with Java, but there might be similarities there also.

3) What we call "pixel movement" around here simply refers to creating a new movement system in place of the default tile-based one. There is no reason to think this would cause a performance hit more than many other features which can be found in games here, and DM is powerful enough to handle (if perhaps not specifically made for) pixel movement, in its broadest sense.

[Edit:] after a bit of research, I found the following passage in the DM Guide:

DM, like many modern programming languages, is an evolved form of C. Additional derivatives include C++, Java, Awk, and a host of others. Since these all share a common ancestor, they have many similarities in structure and syntax. A programmer familiar with one of them can adapt to the others with little difficulty.

In retrospect it is obvious DM would not be modelled after C#, which first appeared in 2001 as opposed to DM's first iteration, DUNG, first appearing some time before that.
OneFishDown lays it down very well in this post of his which I often refer to. It's the programmer, not the language.
OneFishDown came off as a bit extreme in that post, which I doubt he intended; there is definitely merit to using, say, C++ instead of DM for certain kinds of problems, just like the opposite is true. But the part about "leaving DM in favor of another language" is right on the money.
BYOND IS slow, but not fully. At a times I notice Flash being slower than BYOND.

I guess I'll change it to space, but I had idea for other keys too, not sure if it'll be comfortable to have Space for Jump later on.

I really wish BYOND had client-side processing
set client_sided=1
for(var/px=1; px<10; px++)
for(var/py=1; py<10; py++)

Or something similar
Well another update. Change AI logic a little, it should do less collision checks, according to Task Manager it's lower CPU usage now, went down from like 15% to 5% or so on first level.

Now space is used for jumping, not up key

Also added second level, with elevators, had many problems with them, but seems fixed, however I hope someone finds a bug.

I think sound should be fine too, it's about same volume for all sounds and music on my system.
Ripiz wrote:
Now space is used for jumping, not up key

Use both keys.

Strange bug I was able to duplicate twice. It notified that there might be an infinite loop and gave a runtime error for an Intersect() proc. It seems to occur when I jump on top of a mushroom at the point where it's perfectly in the center of the moving platform. At that point the single 32x32 platform he was on ceases to move and the mushroom dies normally.
Entering the same tube twice causes major runtime errors in the second tube with the floating platforms when you try to respawn the enemies on the floating platforms. It brings up similar problems too like the platforms ceasing to move.
"Entering same tube twice" errors were happening because of repop, will delete any objects and mobs left before calling repop now, should be clean of errors.

However I jumped many times on mushroom but wasn't able to reproduce bug.
Well here goes the update. Added little level 'progress' tracking, and hopefully fixed those runtime errors. Thanks goes to Ulterior Motives :)

Sadly your old savefile will have to be deleted, it didn't hold enough data for this update, and nothing important was there anyways.
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