Keywords: css, grey, new, penis, red
Problems I still need to address:
Older posts/Newerposts/other links I haven't yet found are coloured the same as the background, simple fix really, just give them a red background.
Forum is just... well see for yourself.
I can't, for the life of me, get a blank input box to show up on the right hand side. Even   isn't working. Any tips? =/
The Atom is still old.
Aside from those issues, any comments/areas of improvement?
i like the redness of this css :P
no idea on how to make the comment box white, but the red is working for me.
It's not the comment box, you see on the right it says ' ' three times?
nbsp is a Non-breaking space character entity. Or in other words, an invisible letter. Unfortunately it's not being all that invisible. =(
Hahah! Got it! Alt 0160 for the win!