PART BYOND - In Which We Shamelessly Advertise

If you have any interest at all in the Shin Megami Tensei series, I am/have been doing a 'let's play' of the latest DS game, Strange Journey. Take a look if you're bored or interested!

The first part is right here, and each section has links to the next part.

Alternatively, there's an up-to-date index of all parts on the forums in this topic.

As new articles are added, posts to the previous topic are also made, as well as posted on our Twitter page.

And here are a few teaser images which I know you'll be dying to learn the context of, as incentive to get you to at least look!

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Let's plays are fun;
And videos are too.

As do you, good sir.
Devourer Of Souls wrote:
As do you, good sir.

Seriously though, that battle screenshot... its cluttered with so much! How can you even stand to look at the game when all that crap is crammed onto the screen? Theres barely enough room for the monster sprites.
Hey Devourer of Souls, I know this has nothing to do with this topic. But Can you update Mitadake high some more with like some new weapons and maybe fix all those nasty bugs like when people can still use light switch and computer when they die.

I can also help you pixel some new weapons and stuff for Mitadake High.

Add me on MSN or page me
but for some reason you added me on the ban list on your pager because I was trying to report these bugs.
You're right, that has nothing to do with the topic, and there are forums on which you can express these concerns/etc. Please don't bring it up here.
Reminds me of a shoddy made RPGMaker game.
This is a DS game, so what you're looking at in battle is generally the top screen. The bottom screen holds lots of information that you look at when you need it. I don't think it's all that cluttered. RPGs were better when they weren't just glitzy graphics. That said, it -is- kinda old school...
Ah, Strange Journey... A really good game, if you ask me. I've played all the routes, and I'll be interested to see which you take in the end...

Oh, and to EmpirezTeam, that was a one-time mention of what the world has fallen into (non-skippable introduction). Par for the course in a MegaTen game. Just because it's rated M for Mature (I haven't found a good reason, myself, unless it's M for MegaTen, heh...) doesn't mean it has much in the way of M-rated content. Besides, that'd push it to AO (Adults Only) quicker than the final boss (or superboss) could kill your team.
I Hacked that game 0.0!I stopped playing at the junk world<.<.