Well, I have recently been commissioned to do a php based portal system for a site. This will not be your normal portal system though. It will be used to allow rental property owners post pictures and information on their properties. Also, it will have a section for people looking to rent to post a little about them selfs to let the rental companys find them. On top of all this, this is a service that the rental companys pay for, so I will need to make a login system with some basic security.

Well, I have came up with something so far, but not much. I am still far from what I need.

Anyone else made a project on this scale? I am just wonderin'. has helped...a ton. They have a tutorial for creating php generated sites using mysql that is really good. My project is diffrent enough that I am learning while being close enough that I can compair really easly as to how it is done.

I hope this ends up well, if I really learn both php and mysql, I could make some money >;)