It was possible for repeating keys to get "stuck" in cetain situations.
BYOND Version:469
Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Web Browser:Firefox 3.6.3
Applies to:Dream Seeker
Status: Resolved (470)

This issue has been resolved.
Nope, not tap shift 7 times sticky key.

In the new update, if you hold down a repeating key, SOMETIMES (Doesn't occur all of the time) the key will continue to repeat even after you let go. I am assuming it is because it continues to call the key you held down repeatedly until all of the calls that have built up have been extinguished.

It's odd to me because sometimes it's fine, but once it starts happening in a game, it continues happening until you completely exit and rejoin it.

Video for bug duplication: (Size: 33.5 MB | Quality: Low) It's dark but you can clearly see whats happening, the text that I try showing first is "It will not happen until after the popup, before then I am going to be pressing up and down quickly to hit the down key right before the popup. When that happens the bug occurs."

It didn't occur before 468 I believe, or I don't ever remembering it occuring.
This happened to be on Quaddw's DBZ Onslaught before, haven't played in a long time, I dunno if it still happens.
But, this happened before the new update.
The game it happens to me on is Pokemon Online World by Naokohiro.
Does the repeat continue indefinitely, or is it that it just repeats a few more times than expected? Please be as clear as possible when posting bug reports because this distinction matters a lot. I should also add that it is important to fill out the template so we have themost complete information possible.

In my own tests I have not seen any instances of a repeating key becoming permanently stuck. If you know of specific games where this happens, please give me the hub entry links to each of them and specific instructions as to how to trigger the bug. However, a demo showing the problem would be even better.
Sometimes it repeats indefinently until you repeatedly tap the key, and it stops moving on its own. But even after tapping the key, sometimes it will stay going until you restart.
Do you have any specific cases or instructions for making this happen? Your report contains nothing reproducible.
None at all, as others have said here it occurs about 33% of the time. It's a really weird bug.
No one else actually said that in the other issue. You're the only person who has observed an infinitely repeating key with 469's new movement system.
I'll try getting it again and describe it better.
Happened again, it happened after holding down, loosing focus then regaining focus on the window.