BYOND Version:469
Operating System:Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Web Browser:Firefox 3.5.9
Applies to:Dream Maker
Status: Resolved (469)

This issue has been resolved.
Descriptive Problem Summary:
Changing the color of a icon in my HUD.dmi file it causes a crash, might be some sort of color pattern that causes it
Numbered Steps to Reproduce Problem:
I've only been able to produce the crash with my HUD.dmi file which is listed below in the comments along with a video.

Expected Results:
Dream maker has stopped working (crash)
Actual Results:
Does the problem occur:
Every time? Or how often? Everytime
On other computers? Not sure

When does the problem NOT occur? when using a older relase

Did the problem NOT occur in any earlier versions? If so, what was the last version that worked? (Visit to download old versions for testing.)
worked in the last version

Workarounds: downgrade?

Oops strike that last comment, I'm on windows XP....All's fine Here! Maybe it's a Win7 only bug.
I'm not sure what you mean. How are you changing the color? Please provide a detailed example.
Tom, I asked him over WLM, the way to do it is, as he put it, have a grass tile. And attempt to change a bright green color to the color with a 50 transparency, and attempt to draw the new transparency(same color) over the existing, and it should produce a crash. (922KB Low Quality)
I'm on windows XP so it doesn't produce a crash. Not sure about windows 7
I followed your demo and was unable to reproduce the crash on windows 7.
Wasnt fully able to locate the source of this crash but i made a video and uploaded my icon to webs heres the links.

The file he uploaded crashed for me too on Windows XP Sp3
Thanks, that crashes for me too. We'll fix these icon issues and do a 469 re-release.
thank you
This has been fixed in the 469.1074 re-release, available at the download page.