Well, I just finished off my last lingering final project, so I'm officially on Summer break! Woo!

I have off till August. I'll be spending a majority of that time working where I work, and laying-about. That said, I am hoping to start my redesign of Breach (starting with a new name, I suppose). I also got a "job" (well, I'll be doing it pro bono most likely) helping my Game Dev teacher upgrade his XNA game engine. It's the same engine I just finished using less than thirty minutes ago, and it's used by all the students who take the Game Dev II class.

I'll be adding a graphical 3D map editor tool to the engine, which trumps the current method of level design ten times over (text file of class names, locations, rotations, scales, constructor parameters, ect)

Anywho, I'm off to bed. I've got work in six hours :(

Oh, but before I go, a screen-shot of the project I just finished:
(note: if you're offended by nazis--especially nazi zombies--don't click the link)


It's kind of like Wolfenstein meets a Japanese game show. We had to rush through it, so some of the art assets are still placeholders, but I'm still proud of it :P
If I ever get into like 3D game developing, I'd never make anything first person, and I'd never make an RPG with that stupid boring battle system that only consists of clicking on what you want to attack ( I'm a button-masher type of guy ).

I've only made a 3D Bomberman model so far when I was experimenting with 3D graphics. Then I ran into some problems when I tried to make the model's head be a cube because it wouldn't place my skin onto the model correctly, so I just gave that up and started working on a new game in DM.
your game dev teacher is in love with you, isn't he
Those graphics look good enough to be early PSX.

1/3 zombie, 1/3 tank, 1/3 Nazi seems like a deadly combination.
Please, please release that. Wolfenstein is awesome, and Japanese game shows are hilarious, so I can't even imagine how great that game must be.