RP Unlimited

by AnthonyHawkina
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O.k. heads up, There is a lite version of 2.0 on the custom hub here. ( http://www.byond.com/games/AnthonyHawkina/RPUCustom ) Otherwise, there are so people hosting and I should have older versions hostable soon enough for you 1.4 lovers.
An update on the development and release of 2.0 just to clarify that it isn't being dropped. Just to give an idea on features that are confirmed and finished:
  • Almost systems have been revamped from the ground up, meaning a lot less of a resource footprint for both hosts and the players.
  • Character Groups
  • Sorting for Groups, PCs, NPCs, and basic Characters
  • Ability for Head Admins to toggle between the server using PCs/NPCs or basic Characters (like RPU Lite's and back when RPU only had the basic kind of characters)
  • Active Character, a more dynamic version of a 'Primary Character' that can be switched between other characters.
  • Derivatives for every type of character mentioned above, which means different icon versions of the same character that can be toggled on and off upon single-clicking a character.
  • Custom Books/Guides that use the same kind of window as the World Info, Color Guide, etc.
  • Map System that allows Head Admins to create a map on run-time with both preset tiles and custom descriptions for each tile that a player can read about that area.
And believe it or not, much more than all that in the upcoming major revision.

So you may wondering what's keeping things with the release for this long if everything is confirmed to be complete and finished? Well, unlike the previous public releases being labeled as 'Beta', this is finally going to be an official stable release, which requires a lot of bug checking and polishing of what's left.

I hope you look forward to the all the additions and changes to come!
Another step has been made in migrating toward to the next major release. A public beta release of 2.0 for RPU-ES (Core) / RPU Lite has been released on the hub here.

This is important to public testing that'll lead into RP Unlimited, as all the core systems excluding PCs/NPCs, Tools, Maps, and World Status features are in RPU Lite, still leaving a large majority of systems. It's important to polish the core that RP Unlimited 2.0 is being based upon first, no longer leaving a buggy system for future.

Please feel free to download and test and even host some servers on RPU Lite! However, keep in mind that by the full release, important changes will be enabled for how hosting servers works.

Post any bug/issue/typo reports here: RPU-ES (Core) / RPU Lite Bug Reports
RP Unlimited v2.0B (Public Beta) is now officially released. Considering that the Core/Game TOSes are not finished at the moment, it's not the stable release as of yet and as a way to transition into the newer version.

Keep in mind, the new major version is not backward compatible whatsoever in any save files excluding possibly the forum, and there is no guarantee or support to those who are trying to directly convert to the new version. Instead, it's recommended to either wait to transition until a server is wiped/reset naturally, or to manually transition by having two servers simultaneously running, one for the older version and one for the newer version. At least that way players can slowly recreate their character lists and such.

Thanks to those who have helped debugging the core system so far on http://www.byond.com/games/AnthonyHawkina/RPUCustom, and if you run into any bugs yourself please submit to https://bitbucket.org/chaos7theory/rp-unlimited/issues for any bug/issue/typo reports. (Feature Requests will be left with the hub entry's discussion/forums.) Some of the issues may lie in the core itself and a reply will be made if that is the case. Keep an eye out for any number of subsequent hotfixes to be released as this is still beta and not guaranteed to be stable.

Also, congratulations on RP Unlimited meeting 1337 fans!
For those using 2.0B, the problem with lag happening with OOC/IC posts has been found. It lies with the Log System and is currently being worked on. For now until the fix is released, the best, quick solution is the delete the day's log file.

I apologize for any inconvenience this has been causing.
Released an important hotfix (v2.0.1b), that fixes the following:
RP Unlimited v2.0.1B
* Made the Toggle (Classic) character listing option now more like how it is in RPU v1.5.4B and below, utilizing the Show/Hide Characters tab.
Note: This isn't the default setting and remember to switch to it if you want this listing setting enabled.
* Fixed the World Status tab not switching between enabled/disabled correctly through the 'show/hide world status' command.

RPU-ES (Core) v2.0.5B
* Fixed the progressively worsened lag when posting in IC/OOC caused by how the Log System handled its files. Instead of loading, adding, saving, and unloading, the current date's logs are persistent in the server's memory/RAM, bringing the lag down to null. Unfortunately, that means more RAM for the host to handle in order to have the normal speeds again.
Note: This does not break backward compatibility of the log files, it only changes on how memory management works.
* Fixed any admin-based remove commands so that it isn't dependent on a player being online or not to remove the person from a rank.
* Reverted the server rules back to how it was in RPU 1.5.4B and before for simplicity's sake.
* Fixed the World Info bug automatically resetting if the World Info only had one page.
* Made it so that it automatically displays the World Info after editing/adding/deleting from it, also allowing for it to update the window if it's already open.
* Fixed switching from Looking for RP status to Active not working right.
* Made the color methods no longer use shorthand notation as it was inconsistently not working with the forums.
* Fixed the click whisper using the old whisper method instead of the WhisperBox.
* Changed the whisper messages to have a colon now to better separate the names from the message.
* Fixed the mis-labelling of an Artist's title.

In the next update, log commands will be added to allow for deleting logs from the system (now something necessary in order to delete the current date's logs without having to reboot to do so), as well as possible other requested changes.
Hello everyone,

Now I know rumors and that about the new version have been abound. So here is what is up. We will be changing the system as well as downloads and so on. Being this is to support future development and make up for lacking problems in the game needing to long corrected since the formation.

Seeing this RP unlimited will be moving on to offer a donation pay system. We will look at bonuses and other features to this as time goes on. Mostly being this will allow the production to continue without so much delay. Possibly an actual staff and so on.

Further more, if you would like a free version for hosting please contact one of the development team with the request. We will be disturbing the beta now. This will be so servers can migrate to the newer versions before the big switch. We will be changing log on information some time after the 16th when final bugs are worked out.

So in this, we hope for a brighter and better future. This being we will be monitoring closer to help players adapt to the new system. We thank you for the support over the years and your help in development of RP Unlimited.

Thank you from Anthony Hawkina and the Development Team.
Released an important hotfix (v2.0.2b), that fixes the following:
RP Unlimited v2.0.2B
* Greatly fixed the PC's description, equipment, history, and additional info fields across the board (PC Creation, changing/setting the info, displaying on the sheet, etc.)
* Fixed the command bar's (Active Character) 'talk' and 'action' commands to work with the Rooms.

RPU-ES (Core) v2.0.6B
* Fixed the Rules and MOTD to still display correctly if they're null / without value.
* Made it so that it automatically shows you how the MOTD appears after editing it.
Released an important hotfix (v2.0.3b), that fixes the following:
RP Unlimited v2.0.3B
+ Officially added in the Game TOS and enabled it upon startup.
+ Upon request, added an NPC Mod-Only Toggle Setting for Head Administrators to enable/disable.
* Fixed map editing where selecting the default description produced an error and canceled out of the editing prematurely.

RPU-ES (Core) v2.0.7B
+ Officially added in the Core & Game TOS and enabled them upon startup.
+ Added in the template for the Core & Game Help Guides. The commands work now, but the information is not in yet.
* Fixed the Color Guide not initializing correctly.
* Fixed the Admin OOC command not working correctly.
Released an important hotfix (v2.0.4b), that fixes the following:
* Fixed the player tools 'Coin Toss' and 'Percentile Dice'.
* Fixed the GM dice using the player dice.
* Raised the player roll limit from 10 to 20.
* Changed the limit of player rolls to automatically default to the max/limit instead of prematurely exiting out if the number of rolls is beyond the limit.
* Fixed typos with the character sheets not using the character name.
* Removed the top title box from the character sheets as the same title can be seen via the window's title bar regardless.
- Removed the limit of rolls for GM Tools.
Released an important hotfix (v2.0.5b), that fixes the following:
RP Unlimited v2.0.5B
+ Added a better base for map description default templates, where Forest and Deep Sea currently have defaults set.
* Fixed it where attempting to edit species would improperly select 'edit height' instead.
* Fixed it where trying to edit PC height would do nothing.
* Fixed it where there was no appropriate option to edit PC weight.
* Fixed it where attempting to edit a PC's equipment defaulted to using the PC's description.
* Fixed an issue where when displaying the picture in the character sheet, it used the picture width for the height.
* Fixed an issue where editing the picture height/width didn't default with the previously set values, causing the values to be reset when choosing only one or the other.
* Fixed an issue where the assumption that using "Both" in a switch statement twice would use both of them (where it actually leaves the switch as soon as it's used), meaning only editing height was available.
* Made it so that the default input values for picture height and width are "100%".
* Made it so that the input values in the text box for editing picture height and/or width default with the previously used values.
* Added a clarification when editing the picture height and/or width that percentage is a valid value (for HTML 4, not 5).
* Fixed where adding sea terrain didn't properly use locate.
* Fixed typos on selecting the River options for Map Objects.
* Bolded out the PC/NPC tabs akin to the core update's bolding of the Show/Hide Characters tab to better make a distinction between PCs' and NPCs' groups.
- Removed displaying the groups under Pending Characters to better further clearing clutter. When switching a pending character's group it works, but you won't be able to see the result until the character is approved.

RPU-ES (Core) v2.0.8B
(Lloyd Ishtar)
+ Added a New User Guide for new players to the system in general as opposed to the Help Guide that is to be more used as a reference guide.
* Fixed a critical problem where it will save players who aren't fully loaded for autosave/save world/backup world, thusly overriding an old save file with an empty one.
* Fixed Story Tell for the menu and the macro.
* Switched the Story Tell macro from ctrl+Y to ctrl+T to avoid conflicts with the common macro of redo.
* Fixed whispering not using the correct key in display.
* Fixed the color test not actually using the colors in the tests.
* Set the show/hide characters tab to be bolded for better distinction in clutter of using multiple groups.
* Reverted the Help and Color Guides to use HTML 4 for compatibility's sake with older versions of IE.
* Fixed some typos in the TOS.
- Removed the dots in showing a closed group to avoid further clutter when using multiple groups.
O.k. so update on 2.0.

We will be having some delays so a release date is being withheld for final version until this is perfected to use. being current events might be the possibility of Darth withdrawing from the team for schooling and work.

For future release I do apologize. On side not, I will be looking to release somewhat of an update for achievements for RP Unlimited. We thank you for your support and will try to keep everything working as planned.

Released an important hotfix (v2.0.6b), that fixes the following:
RP Unlimited v2.0.6B
+ Added an input asking if a new PC is to be made after making a previous one. 'Yes' leaves the PC window open whereas 'No' closes the window as per normal.
+ Added a displayed approval message to a character's owner.
* Fixed a bug where the private setting didn't properly save when making a new GM room. (To fix previously made GM rooms, use 'Switch Private Setting' when you edit a GM room.)

RPU-ES (Core) v2.0.9B
+ Added the ability for it to automatically remove blank characters/derivatives at start-up, as well as an equivalent function under Player Commands.
+ Added the ability for it to automatically remove blank and/or duplicate groups at start-up, as well as an equivalent function under Player Commands.
+ Added an entry in the change log for the New User Guide.
* Fixed a disassociation problem with Derivatives' character owners being disassociated from the respective character after reloading the server, restricting most access to the derivative. Now it automatically re-associates the derivatives to their respective characters upon start-up.
* Fixed numerous group bugs dealing with group creation and rename, such as when finding a potential duplicate name and the placement of when it auto-sorts.
O.k. so after a long while and seeing like nothing. I finally took control of the coding for here again. I'm trying to make 2.0 more what the players want now. But I made some additions that will be released a little later after testing. So here we are.

RP Unlimited v2.0.7b
(AnthonyHawkina, Darth_Chaos7)
+ Ability to Import and Export Backup Saves.

+ Added Slider to Active Character section.
+ Play Sound has returned in Music Player
+ Ability to Play Music on title. (Command Found in Music Player)
+ Ability to Download Music from Music Player.
- Player Characters are no longer saved at world save.
* Modified Music system a bit to work like Music Tan does.
* Temp Fix for Create PC to stop oversized pictures on creation.
* Fatal Crash Error / Save Bug fixed. Hopefully.

Yeah I am working on that crash error keeping people form using 2.0. It seems to be a left over of some shift in the save making it save null data or something. Hopefully this isn't the Edit info bug of RP Unlimited. I might add other functions if I remember them. I just wanted to give heads up.

-Anthony Hawkina
O.k. so there is a few bug fixes in 2.0.8, I released it a little early so most the features will be in 2.0.9 I was looking at. In this the ignore function has been added for OOC. I fixed the save errors finally. Otherwise there was some odds and ends being fixed and securities put in place. So please enjoy.
O.k. so people don't complain more then normal. We will be switching the hub password coming up sometimes between the 17th and 28th. This means by the first all servers below 2.0 will not show on the hub anymore. Sorry for the inconvence but being the issues coming up with the TOS for RPU. We will be taking a more active role in this.

Thank you for your support of the system,
Anthony Hawkina
Hey everyone,

Being the discovery in a 2.0 forum bug, I'll be working that out before transfer so when I get the time off work expect the fix to be in the next updated.

We plan a complete transfer by June at the latest, for those that have transferred I will try and get the bug out asap.

We're hiding all of the good servers?
Hello, I am a relatively new addition to RPU and was wondering if you could detail us exactly what these TOS violations entail?

I've found a very nice RPing spot that never would of been possible without it being on the HUD unless I knew someone on the inside, which I didn't.

It concerns me that you want to hide these servers, especially when as of this time of writing the majority of the games population is on 1.5 servers. Why alienate your population?

Thanks for hearing me out.
The violations is people have been using the hub that don't have permission, or have been code-banned using older versions to dodge this factor.

It was a long time coming update since 1.5-1.6. The problem I been having is the working version of 1.5.4-1.6 seems to of been lost when I lost my computer data. This making it near impossible for me to update. Unless I can get one of the 1.6 version working.

So this leaves the version of 2.0. I do not plan till making this update until 2.0 is working fully. On request, NPCs should be player base on administrations choice of how they want the server set. This being the forum error is fixed... least in testing and I will have that out soon. We are also working on character limits and so on being the errors we had in the new sort system.

All in all, I don't plan on Alienating the population, but just working out the bugs and enforcing rules being dodges by using older bugged versions. One reason I haven't updated is because I don't have a version that I feel is presentable in beta form.

Also, For those that where part of the 2.0 lite version of RPU. 2.0 RPU and 2.0 Lite are different, 2.0 RPU does have all the old features and more. Short of the errors. This being I am still getting people saying they don't switch because features are missing. They are put back and in report work better then original setups.

Sorry for the scare and will be getting everything in line before setting this to be final.
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