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With bigger games / demos comes more verbs, and sometimes set category just isn't enough. Which is why I would like to see the addition of default_verb_category. One of it could change a whole path of verbs into having it's own special tab. Similar to having many set category's lined up right after another for every single verb..
set default_verb_category = "One"
set default_verb_category = "Two"

Instead of having to specify set category = "" for each individual verb.


Of course, if set category is specified, it will overrule the default_verb_category for that one verb.

This could also replace the current client / default_verb_category which only specifies the default category for any verb which is assigned to them.
This sounds like a great feature
Currently there is a setting "default_verb_category" that defaults to "Commands" for the client.

My request would be to make this default verb category reliant upon the type in which it belongs.

The default verb category for all types would be Command, however for all verbs in type /admin would fall under the Administration command.
Therefore "Cats" would fall under "Commands", and "gmlist" would fall under "Administration".

Why would this be useful? Instead of declaring set category="Administration" in each individual verb that may be created under a certain type, being able to define the type's default category would create cleaner looking code.
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Bump, this would be nice little feature c:
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it would probably be better to allow any verb settings values to be set.

I don't think it should be just one variable of the type, really, just any descendant of the object's /verb type.

I know BYOND is funky and some things are objects, and other things are just weird, but seeing as all procs and verbs are objects - and stem from /verb and /proc, wouldn't it make sense to be able to do the following?

desc = "Secret admin verb."
category = "Admin"
popup_menu = 0
instant = 1
invisibility = 1
public = 0

At some point, var and set were both interchangeable when dealing with verbs, except it broke some things so it was later removed.
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I agree!
Whoa, I had completely forgot I requested this years ago under Leur. o_o