Celestial, a single player role-playing game where you take the role of yourself, in the land of Tairn. You are accompanied by your companion Limp Dickins, and together you will fight your way to the east to defeat The Great Tek-Humn.

Or at least, that's the grand plan. Currently the game is in version 0.0.4, which is obviously very early.
It only has a few features currently, but they are well developed and adaptable should the game take more obscure turns later on, they include:
An effective hack prevention system.
I'm planning on making scoreboards and lots of medals for Celestial, and obviously I want them to be fair. Where Celestial is not multi-player, the only player playing will be the host. This obviously opens up the doors for many generic hex-editing programs such as Cheat Engine. My Hack Prevention system saves temporary variables of each stat or the suchlike that a player might want to edit, and when those variables are genuinely changed, so is my temporary variable. A Hex editor won't find this variable because it's encoded and nothing like what the actual stat is. Simple yet effective.

An incredibly simplistic, yet useful save-point system.
In most games over BYOND, you are allowed the free liberty of saving on the go. Whilst easy and not at all a problem to program, it goes against the morals of my game to be able to just re-load every time you die, instead, I will have Inns around my game (Because that's original! =) ) which will allow players to save within them. Of course this means that by dying, or disconnecting, you will be reset to your last save, but that's a small drawback against the huge main benefit: It means I don't need to have custom checks for many things a player could be doing when they got saved, for example, players can't save during a cut-scene, or battle-screen!

Helpful Help files and update logs.
I'm a firm believer in the ideal that a player should know what's going on around them. Be it game wise, or character wise. So the very first thing I did in Celestial, was create a fun to read, yet informational and helpful help file, it outlines the controls, the different game screens, the story and how to progress through it, and what your characters stats all mean. This along with an update log ensures my players stay up and current with Celestial.

Celestial is different to most BYOND games in one main factor: It's a single player RPG. Whilst not solely taken by Celestial, these are rare finds, but don't be mistaken into thinking that's why I went with single player!
There were three defining factors yesterday that caused me to restart Celestial, and change it to single player.
One: Limitations of a Multi-player world.
A Multi-Player world is far more resource intensive and requires a lot more worldly output than a single player world, this of course causes me to hold back in areas of development that I would otherwise make far more detailed- due to lack of available resources.

Two: A new thing!
I've never made a single player game before! Aside from my Zombie Apocalypse Simulator, but that's a simulator, not a game. ;)

Three: Regressia.
Yes. I said it. You can all breath again now.
Regressia is one of my main inspirations for Celestial, as it's a successful and highly polished game, that's a single-player RPG. But don't be fooled into thinking Celestial is going to be anything like Regressia, I'm taking a whole different route than that.

So then, now you know all about the development of Celestial, what can you expect to find with it?
Well first, you will be greeted with a small cut-scene style page which will display probably a five second animation before displaying the Celestial banner, and a Click to begin button.
After that, a small and simple GUI, in the Final-Fantasy 5 style, will allow you to load, or create a new character. I'm going to explain a new character, as I've already explained loading and saving.
Your key will automatically be taken as your name, and you will be thrown into the starting zone of the game. As opposed to a tutorial, I'm planning it all to be fairly self explanatory, with on-screen words detailing what to do.
The game follows an ALMOST linear path, with some quests and sub-quests causing you to backtrack, and the map being slightly deviating from a simple zig-zag.
There's 17 different cities/towns, 4 main regions and a vast array of dungeons and other places not specifically on the map per-say, but I don't want to get too much into that, as it's likely not only to change, but also because I'm bad at explaining it.

I hope to have a running beta going by the end of the next week, so I can get some early feedback and data for the game. However this is liable to be pushed back due to pixel art. ;)

I hope you look forward to Celestial, coming soon! :D
Interesting, indeed!
Limp Dickins

Was that done on purpose?
Yea for RPG guild activity! I'll be watching. Hope it's as good as you make it sound. Single Player RPGs = We need more
Sounds epic. Best of luck.
SuperAntx wrote:
Limp Dickins

Was that done on purpose?

I don't see how anything else is a possibility. Aside from the most naive person in existence somehow stumbling through the internets unscaved.
this is totally just a rip of dink hardwood
Zaole wrote:
this is totally just a rip of dink hardwood

you sir, totally fails.
SuperAntx wrote:
Limp Dickins

Was that done on purpose?

Complete and utter accident. 100%. Honest.