Yeah, too tired to come up with a title. Nope I'm wrong, I came up with one!

Anyway, I got my employee discount (ding!) card today. This gives me 5% off any purchase (over $5.00) in the store. Although it doesn't sound like much, I'd also like to point out: It's not limited to this store.

One store that's in the Woolworths chain is DSE. This is a large and popular computer/electronics store in my country. 5% might not sound like much for groceries and whatnot, but if I was to say, purchase a $928.00 iPad, I'd save myself $46.40. I don't know about you guys, but that's a pretty nice little saving (considering the 3G sim card is $30.00 itself).

With that aside, completely out of nowhere, my roster went from 16 hours this week (24 actually, scored an extra shift) to 37.5 (including a Sunday!). So out of nowhere, I've been given a payday that comes to $800.00+ after tax. And druggies walk past me when I'm in my uniform and poke crap at me because I work in a super market. The guy who said super market workers are subhuman or work for pennies was drastically mistaken. I quite like my monkey-trained job, it's active, fast paced and there's always something to learn.

I've also started redesigning again. As I've had countless people bugging me about the layout AND lack of content updates for weeks now. So I figured a new look, better back end, and no longer directly inserting website content into the database with phpMyAdmin was in order. To see the new layout I'm toying with, you know precisely where to look:

Presently there's nothing really working. Just a fit bits of useful here and there. One of the cool things about that setup though, is most of the back end is already done. It's just the layout (which is a template mind you) and grabbing the data from the database that requires attention. Knock that off in a couple of hours tops... if I ever get a couple of hours to work on it. The only thing this little framework I made up for myself is an administration control panel, and that's just from sheer undisputed laziness. Oh well.

For the record, if you're looking at it in IE, you're a terrible person. If you're looking at it in Chrome, you're getting half the picture. If you're looking at it in Firefox, you're a good person and seeing things how they're meant to be displayed.

Compatability Fixes so far:
Firefox: 1
Chrome: 1
Internet Explorer: 0*

*: I'd require 6 at a minimum in order to get it to display the same as it does in Chrome or Firefox. And I'm not going to put that much effort into it. So while it may appear that IE is winning, it is in fact, losing horribly.

Now I'm going to bed. 'Night.
Stop internet censorship in Australia? Lol. How'd you even get that up there? First blog I've seen with something like that in the top corner of the screen.
EmpirezTeam wrote:
Stop internet censorship in Australia? Lol. How'd you even get that up there? First blog I've seen with something like that in the top corner of the screen.

I'm just that good.
Good to hear things are looking up in your neck of the woods. To have a positive attitude about your job is a great key to life happiness.

Speaking of Clean Feed, I hear they're passing legislation to charge a $100 fine every time you swear in public in Queensland. I thought that Australia was a democracy, do the politicians have any accountability to public opinion at all? Because that seems like a great move if I were looking to get voted out of office.
.> You guys get the new Ozzy album 4 days before we do. =(
All's good on Opera 10.60 on