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Poll: What would you like for a competition prize?

BYOND Membership (requires Nothing) 42% (32)
Cash Prize (requires Paypal) 32% (24)
Purchased Prize (requires Personal Information) 9% (7)
My autograph (requires Personal Information) 14% (11)
Other (requires Comment) 1% (1)

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If I was to hold a competition in the coming weeks, I'm wondering what would be the kind of prize you'd actually make a decent, fairly polished casual game for?

I mean, let's face it, BYOND Memberships are good and all, but they're not exactly something to strive for, as they're generally a prize (or the top prize) in most if not all BYOND related competitions. And with that said, most BYOND users who actually want a membership, by this stage of the game, probably already have one.

This brings me to pondering what is a decent prize for a competition. Cold hard cash would be almost everyone's first response, but unfortunately that doesn't work out well for as many people as you'd hope. The only way I'll transfer money to someone is via Paypal, and Paypal's rules state you must be 18 or older to have an account. There's the fall back onto parents accounts, but that's just red tape and annoyances, so we can count that one out.

Another option would be me actually going to some random website (I'm not an idiot, I know a scam when I see one kids!), and purchasing you something of the winning amount. This works perfectly, if you trust a complete stranger with your name and address. Don't get me wrong, I'm a trustworthy guy and have bought things for people in the past. But how many of you honestly trust me with your personal details?

So that rules out the stuff I could come up with. There's always sending you signed autographs of myself. But once again, I'd need your name and address. Oh well.

So what would you like to see for a competition prize.

Seeing as I've summoned you all here with an obviously interesting blog post, why not stick around and play some games (review them if you'd like!) or even use the forums. =D
Cash, no source code required for entry.

If someone doesn't have a Paypal account there's nothing stopping them from creating one for free. If they don't have a bank account to transfer the money to they can just leave the Paypal account active until they open one. That or buy something online.
I've no interest in peoples source code.

Also, as stated, the rules and regulations of Paypal require the user to be 18 years of age. If they're not, they'll be lying on their registration form, which if you're the kind of anal a large international company worth millions of dollars is, that would probably be considered fraud. <.<
There's no real way for them to get your actual age though. The Paypal account is anonymous and your bank info is just a name and some numbers. None of it has your age.
Fair enough. Technically all I need to do is send the money to an email address, and that should automatically create the account for them. Still weary of it though.

Someone also suggested "Other" and didn't do what was required. =(
Cash by mail. ;D
Cash is always good, especially if its a prize for a contest that doesn't require the game to be made in a day.
Theironx wrote:
Cash by mail. ;D

Can you spend Australian money? Not without taking it to a bank and getting it converted. And it'd probably get stolen well before it reached you. >.>

The option for money order is there, but I've never done it before, and I don't intend to learn. ;)

Preferably a prize that doesn't require me to get out of my chair OR leave the sanctuary that is my soon-to-be-replaced desk.
Acebloke wrote:
Cash is always good, especially if its a prize for a contest that doesn't require the game to be made in a day.

I want quality games, not quantity games. A sequel competition would be a reward for people who have continued to actively develop their games.
"The option for money order is there, but I've never done it before, and I don't intend to learn. ;)"

I looked into this before, and its far too expensive to worth considering, unless your a migrant sending money "back home". The charges associated with it can be quite high.
BYOND Membership is actually tied with Cash Prize, with my autograph at a close second.

Perhaps I'm undervaluing BYOND Memberships. (Shhh! No one point out the obvious logical flaw in choosing a membership over a cash prize.)
You could always do a mix like BYOND Action used to do: ByondActionPrizes.html

I don't think any of those require anything as personal as an address, or even a real name. Most are just based off email or usernames. (but then again, I haven't checked them in a while, and Steam/Membership where the only ones ever chosen <.<)

Although, you will have to (temporarily) add any winners to your Steam friend list to buy them something.
When I was younger, before I had money and discovered I could use paypal without the need of my parents, I had always wanted a BYOND membership. My argument is that not everybody can deal with money on BYOND, so a membership would be great. Not only does it give money to BYOND, but it gives you upload space, a blog, and special things on games. I certainly would never dare give out personal information on here either.
An all-expenses-paid trip to Vegas is a pretty good prize.
Popisfizzy wrote:
An all-expenses-paid trip to Vegas is a pretty good prize.

BYOND Membership: I already have one and can easily renew mine if needed.

Cash Prize: This would be the better prize in my opinion. I can use the money as I see fit. And if someone really wanted a BYOND membership, they could use the cash to buy one.

Purchased Prize: If you are talking about purchasing an item and then presenting that as the prize, it depends. I frequently see contest presenting players, but how many MP3 players do I need? It would make more sense to allow that person to select the prize they wish, but then again, you could give provide cash and let them be free.

My Autograph: No offense, but I would not compete in a contest for someone's autograph.

Other: On a science fiction writing site I frequent, they have contest where the winner gets to start a contest, based on whatever topic they wish, the following month. I believe this would be neat as we would have monthly contest. A cash prize would also be a bonus, perhaps, all entrants must provide $2.00 or so.

Overall, I trust you with my address, it is just easier on my end for you to give me the cash and let me do whatever I wish with it. Restrictions are not fun.
I'm working on a Casual game, myself and I wouldn't mind an updated membership.
A personal autograph is nice and all... But...
I'd rather enter a contest for the Cash Prize, or some sort of Purchased Prize.
If I won the cash prize, I could easily buy myself membership.
If I had the purchased prize, it has some value to it that a normal everyday item wouldn't.
Purchased prize, I need a new NES mine broke. =(
A cash prize, or a purchased prize. *cough* 3DS. *cough*
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