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Poll: Say wahhh?

Yes 85% (48)
No 14% (8)

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Sup, Byond! [:
Tayota! I want jur artz.

(First. Booyah!)
All the artists turned into programmers while you were gone.
I like it. =)

Is it animated in a game or meant for a still?
Woot woot!, Hey guys! Sup Keeth!


I worked for eWorkProxy a while ago where I made this guy here. He's a fully animated sidescroller sprite but I didn't make the animations, just the initial character design/main sprite. (and also- we needs to chat it up some time, meng. I really liked our old Game Design talks)


Even I! Haha. I've been having a lot of fun in my programming class, good stuff.

@Chris Gayle:

:D :D :D Been a while Chris! Add me on MSN?
Reminds me of the Balrog from LoTR.

Good to have you back.
welcome back. Awesome picture dude and yay
Welcome back.

*envies that sprite*

BTW; I just went with yes in hope that yes means I like it. o_o
It's questionable that Balrog had wings!