Well first things first, I've designated this week as a "business" week, as in no playing videogames for me (I'm kinda sorta addicted to Monster Hunter Tri as of the moment, sigh...) but rather mostly business. Said business includes project development ie. Ultra Strife and etc, and financial ventures as well as scholarships to help pay my way through school, without obtaining a debt that is (woohoo only 2 more years to go). Unfortunately I hadn't worked on US in about a week or so programming wise but I have been putting further thought into the design so better to have some work than no work done...

I'm really trying to improve on the overall quality of the game in comparison to Ultimate Strife, and hopefully that can be seen in the final product. As I'm sure many others can attest to, after having a few projects under your belt and starting another, you somewhat feel as if there is much that can be done with this new mindset. I'm gonna try and tap into that most definitely..

Anyways, pretty much the only other obstacle that I will face this week that would come between project development (besides pure laziness that is!) is that little thing called school, I'm in desperate need of a few thousands but in hindsight my situation could be a lot worse. Soooo hopefully there will be updates soon because I really want to have something for you guys to play as well as enjoy, myself included.

P.S. A hub for Ultra Strife has now been created so you are free to watch it and etc. Also, two new medals have been added to Super Stick Skirmish of Superb Scrappers!

Monster Hunter tri is fun, though! At least, maybe in bursts of two hours at a time, it's so dreadfully boring singleplayer :\