If you guys noticed that CIE is done, but it's not release. Because of a crashing bug that we don't know whats going on. We have a bunch of different theories on whats going on, Byond updates. We think that the Byond updates (4.5 - 4.7) are the reasons why the game isn't staying up. I've ask many of my friends about their games and they are having the same problem. I think their is a jpeg or any image file in CIE source that is being looped or multiplied 1000 times. I don't know, for any coders out there, can you please shed some light on our darkness hallway so we can see which door to enter. Please and Thank you.
Likely an infinite loop somewhere. Toss in
#define DEBUG
and see what is getting used.
Failing that you can throw the host files my way with #define DEBUG compiled in, and I'll try to look into it I suppose. Source code would obviously be better, but this is all really your choice.