I've been thinking over the past few weeks, that I might be starting a new game. Me iconning and doing minor coding. Since CIE is on it's buggy phase and all icons are pretty much done. I might out do myself with icons. After seeing all these great pixel artists rising and completely "Changing byond as we know it". I realize that I am at par with them. So maybe in the near future you will see my fully original project live. Don't worry CIE fans. I will be working on CIE and it is my main focus, and this is the project on the side. I will be the last one to abandon my ship. (Hopefully it doesn't have to come to that)
you should make a buso renkin game!
thats based on an anime...
A tactical squad base strategy kind of game could be very neat, particularly if you could possibly pull it off in isometric. The idea of 2 -4 players controlling squads in turns to destroy each other / defend some objective seems like a nice gameplay mechanic. Think multiplayer XCOM in terms of gameplay style. If you can figure it an "Anime feel", then I can list it as an original work in BYOND Anime too. =P
Oh like Suikoden Tatics and Final Fantasy Tatics!. I love those games, thats interesting.
Also, do you still need assistance with your CIE bugs?
Sure you can talk with fokuz about them.
If you were going to do something tactical, consider Shining Force.

Imagine something like that on BYOND. Ultimatum is the closest thing I can think of, but its still a lot different than Shining Force.

Its an awesome game, and if no one attempts it by the time I get through finishing my current project, I'm definetly gonna give it a try.
AllSmiles wrote:
Sure you can talk with fokuz about them.

Alrighty, will do. As we list the game, it's in my interest to see it's at least playable.
Pokemon Z just like that! Check that game oout.