I can proudly say that development is pretty steady, especially considering some basic object oriented concepts I picked up that eliminated lots of lines of code (thanks computer science classes!). I find it amazing that I have nearly all of the buildings from the original (albeit void of functionality) with barely a snippet; think a sentence vs a essay... But as I said before, with a bit of time I got my interface to a decent level in which I can manipulate it and accomplish what it is I set out to do when it comes to overall presentation. With that said, here's the screenshot and a small tidbit of info about it.

  • As you can see, all of the buildings from the original Ultimate Strife are present in a nifty little menu.
  • From said menu, you simply click on what to build and then where to build it rather than selecting from a statpanel and moving to the build location as before. The same will be done with units.
  • And if you analyzed carefully, yes that is a shoot verb; all movable units will be able to shoot this time around. With this in, this could mix up the game a bit making it slightly more "actiony" but still strategy at heart. I'm trying to foresee some problems arising from this but that can probably be handled in a testing session...

That's about it folks, so far so good. Less code = quicker development so a playable version may be around the corner...^_^

P.S. Seeing as I'm having a sudden influx of inspiration, maybe it's time I come up with some new blog post titles; I have a feeling that "updates!" and "more updates!" are starting to get old haha...Maybe a few suggestions wouldn't hurt.