Conquer Interface Options

by Fugsnarf
Conquer Interface Options
Learn to do specific things that deal with the game's interface (Fullscreen, dealing with menus, text in outputs)
This demo teaches you how to do certain things which will allow you to expand off of it and do a multitude of different things dealing with the interface. This demo teaches how to:

1. Make a game go fullscreen and unfullscreen.

2. Delete or change the top bar menus.

3. Use a separate output as a text box for NPCs, etc.

I hope you enjoy it!

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Being as I had never fully looked into interface options for a while, I was just going by trial and error. However, this helped me understand a couple instances I was doing wrong. Though I feel stupid for not getting it, thank you very much, Fugsnarf.
Wow, you're welcome! I honestly didn't think this simple little demo would help anyone, but I'm very glad it did!
Thankee very much, mate. This is great.
Download is broken. I am looking forward to checking out your demo tho
Had to download twice, didn't want downloads at 666
It's not downloading for me. :(