Conquer Interface Options

by Fugsnarf
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This demo teaches you how to do certain things which will allow you to expand off of it and do a multitude of different things dealing with the interface. This demo teaches how to:

1. Make a game go fullscreen and unfullscreen.

2. Delete or change the top bar menus.

3. Use a separate output as a text box for NPCs, etc.

I hope you enjoy it!

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Being as I had never fully looked into interface options for a while, I was just going by trial and error. However, this helped me understand a couple instances I was doing wrong. Though I feel stupid for not getting it, thank you very much, Fugsnarf.
Wow, you're welcome! I honestly didn't think this simple little demo would help anyone, but I'm very glad it did!
Thankee very much, mate. This is great.
Download is broken. I am looking forward to checking out your demo tho
Had to download twice, didn't want downloads at 666