Poll: Should I regain ownership of SWC?

Yes 74% (74)
No 25% (25)

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I really hate to see a game that has been around for quite a long time go to waste. Star Wars The Next Generation was one of the major building blocks of byond. With it's new title Star Wars Chapters as it's sequel it has died down. I was wondering people still wanted to play it. If the votes say they do, then I will ask work on it again. This game has been in the hands of many, but the more work I seen done was by Crazah. He did an amazing job with SWC and I hope you guys can realize it. Seeing that the game isn't up and probably not being updated. I will add in new clothing and new weapons. I will probably ask crazah to work with me on it, since he done such a good job. I will have a seperate staff for SWC.
I wanted to say no. But hey I too Liked the game.
I liked the idea of you working on an original project.
I say go for it. I've never really played a BYOND star wars game that I liked, So it'll be good to have one.
I'm trying to get contact of the person who was last updating the game. So far no luck =/
I think you should focus on CIE as well as this "Original Project" You're talking about. We need more original works, not anime/fan based games.