[EDIT]: Thanks to Teka123, me and my files will be here a bit longer than expected with renewed membership. I really appreciate it!

First off, for no reason at all I decided to make my unreleased Naruto game playable as a demo.

More importantly though, Ultra Strife development is STILL steady, and just may be playable within the next 3 days. This date is unconfirmed because: my laziness is unpredictable and I kinda want the Tech Tree to announce it, sparking the interests of those that watch the guild but the post is soooo far away on Thursdays...(What about having small news updates every two days or something throughout the week ACWraith? :D ) But yeah, here's a rundown of Ultra Strife's status with a nifty bulleted list:
  • ALL units from Ultimate Strife are in Ultra Strife, including those that never got to see the light of day
  • Attack system is done, it's just a matter of restoring functionality to all units
  • Not all units have the same functionality as they did before, ie Zikos

That's about all I'll "reveal" as of this moment, but I may try to put in a help system first before testing to diminish the need of explanation and expand the time actually spent playing/testing...
I believe Tech Tree is a digest that maintains its audience by being a small event rather than a continuous feed. There's less to keep up with.

Developers can submit posts to BYOND Strategy if they want something out earlier. Few make the attempt so we're left with my face spamming the page.
Hmmm, somehow I forgot that..I'll take note.