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I got that itch. The itch propelled me into working on what was my single player platformer, LineWalk. With the recent changes to BYOND, I can actually make this demonstration into a fun online game. My previous release from 2008 was full of bugs, so over the past two years I have been working on my pixel movement engine, and what better way to show it off than to recreate the demonstration that amazed so many.

As stated, this is just a demonstration of pixel movement, there is no set time in which one could expect a release of the official LineWalk game. I am currently making sure the pixel movement along with collision is perfect. So, please report any bugs!

W Jump
A & S Move
Left Click Draw Line
Right Click Erase Line
If I hold W for too long my icon disappears O.o

Also there's a certain spot you can jump at while facing the wall and it sends your character skyrocketing up the wall. But that's the gravity, your pixel movement to me looks perfect indeed.

(I had a similar problem when I tried to introduce gravity to my pixel movement system, I don't know what causes them to scale the walls like that)
I couldn't find any bugs but the jumping seemed a bit too short and fast for me. Perhaps it's just that I'm used to other types of side-scroller but just thought I'd share my thoughts with you. Also, the little guy can climb some steep hills! Maybe there should be more discipline on that. And maybe having a limited amount of lines that can be drawn could be cool too. Just some thoughts. Nice pixel movement nontheless. Very smooth.
Oh, I forgot to mention when he disappears he flys up. I think we're able to jump again in midair.
Cody123100: I am not exactly sure how that problem exists as the only directions used within the code are EAST and WEST. Along with that, the only graphical directions I provide are the same.

I'll try working on the gravity, I'm sure there is just a small miscalculation.

DisturbedSixx: I'm going to test some non-BYOND side-scrollers today, hopefully I will be able to replicate the jumping speed and height.

Originally, the lines were 2x2, but due to the increase of view, it was harder to make a precise line in which the mob could walk on. So I decided to go with 4x4. But, I can easily revert back to the original size.

As with the line limit, I already have a system in place that would decrease the lines on the screen. I just decided to disable it for the demonstration.
The size of the lines is just fine. I was saying that the player can walk up really steep inclines. I was able to get to the door with about 4 lines, one of which was a very steep line to the top.
Hmm, when I just played and climbed a line, it teleports me back to the start of of the line every time...Oh wait, that's the spikes but heh I guess they're pretty pointy huh...
Took me about 5 mins, but:


Didn't find any bugs.
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This is fun, I could see it being a lot more fun with more content, like moving platforms and user generated content levels.