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So, this RPG I am making (because I can) is going surprisingly fast. You can download the current source code here.

It now needs two libraries to run. Deadron.TextHandling and Deadron.Quest

This is only 5-6 days work. I'm posting an update so soon because I am making such fast progress it would be hard for other people to keep track of it is I waited any longer.
Actually, the progress made since the last post I made is a lot as it is.

Since the last post, I have added...

A dialog system.

Implemented quests and a quest log.

Enemy AI, including spawning, despawning and a system to keep things efficient by activating/de-activating these AIs as needed.

The start of combat too. Actually, the core components of combat are more or less finished.

Next I will be finishing combat, which includes handling player death, status effects, equipment effects and then adding a system to handle skills.

After that I'll add shops.

Then will be the minor features, such as displaying Hp bars and what not for players.

Then I'll probably tweak things and play around with stuff a bit. But once all that is done, the core of the game will be finished.
It will only need content.

Once again, you can use the above code however you want. It is organized, fully commented, large parts of it are modular and it is all fairly easy to understand and follow.
This however is NOT an open source project, I am not accepting other peoples code or work, but suggestions and advice are always welcome.

I did not make the majority of graphics included so far however. If I can be bothered to, I may make my own. If not, I will just use RPG Maker XP graphics because honestly I hate making my own graphics.

Additionally, I will probably only post the source code up until the core of the game is completed.
I am designing the game to be very easy and quick to work with. Adding new stuff and content is a very easy process, and I see no reason to continually post updates with new content added.

And a final warning.
This code is probably not the best learning tool ever. I think it is written decently, but I am sure plenty of people out there will disagree.
On top of that, I have not explained why I have done things the way I have. I have made RPGs in the past, and a lot of what I am doing comes from previous experience. Some of it may not make sense to some people, but this is what I have learned works and how I personally do things. (I am following a detailed plan I have in my head which you do not have access to basically)
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