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I'm calling on you! (click these)
Favourite Male Hero! (seriously, it's fun)
Favourite Female Hero!
Likes / Dislikes
Favourite Era!

I'm calling on you!

I know what you're thinking, yet another silly post trying to stir up activity. Well too bad, you're getting it. What we would like to know is what exactly you expect from BYOND RPG. What do you want BYOND RPG to do for you?

What I want you as a member of BYOND RPG, as well as any non-members that frequent the guild, or even occasionally visit it, to do, is to think of one thing that you would like BYOND RPG to do. One thing that you want it to do for you. In fact, any comments regarding your thoughts on the guild, negative as well as positive should be let known right now. This is your open microphone opportunity, the line is open and we are here to address any and all of your concerns right now.

Favourite Male Hero!

From here, I would like to know, who is your favourite male hero? This can be any character in ANY game. However if you have a favourite RPG hero, since this it he RPG guild, it would be best to pick your favourite of that genre. I would like to know who your favourite is, why they are your favourite, something they did that makes them notable to you.

Favourite Female Hero!

This is much like the last paragraph, but I want to know about your favourite FEMALE character! Who they are, why they are, what they did, and something you look for. If you can find pictures of them as well, remember to include them in your post!

Likes / Dislikes

Finally, something that you like to see in the hero, and something you dislike in the hero.

Favourite Era

Everyone has a favourite era that they enjoy when they play an RPG. However the most notable ones known seem to be set in a medieval fantasy world with swords, dragons, and magic. Which era is your favourite, and why? If you're having trouble thinking about this one, think about the difference between games like Earthbound(modern), Final Fantasy(fantasy), Fallout(apocolyptic). There are a lot of different choices you have, so think hard, and answer honestly. We're not here to judge your taste, but to embrace it.


Now you're probably wondering, what is the point of all this? We all get together and say "I like [x]" and that's that, we all go about our business? Well, there is a point to all of this that I will be talking about at a later date. This is the start of something that will hopefully breath a large amount of life back into this guild. You can answer the questions about your favourite heros as well as era here in the forum. All of your concerns, ideas, and what you expect from us, or would like to see from us should be left as comments on this post. Enjoy the rest of your day or evening when you read this.

I guess by "here" I wasn't clear enough that here was a link to the forum.

Please post all of your favourites in that thread and leave the comments on this blog open for concerns and what-not.
There, I participated.
Something similar to Tech Tree in Strategy guild where several different RPG games are advertised. I think every guild should have this.

Favorite Male Hero - Conker the Squirrel. Because there is no better squirrel. He killed an army of evil robot Teddiz. Who else can do that? conker_live_and_reloaded/conker_live_and_reloaded_003.jpg

Favorite Female Hero - Jessica from Dragon Quest 8. Because she rocks in every possible respect: She casts spells and makes boss fights drastically easier. Shes also my future wife.

Favorite Era - I'm not sure I have one. I don't really care what the era is as long as the gameplay is fun.
Tsfreaks wrote:
- Lara Croft, first anime I masturbated to... enough said... or is it too much? Seriously, this has merit of some kind...

Lara Croft... Anime?
Favorite Male Heroes -
Prince of Persia:
He can fight, he can do cool acrobatics and he can save the princess. UNLIKE MARIO.

He can fly with his HAIR. For god sakes what more could you want?

Favorite Female Heroes -
Jade from Beyond good and Evil:
It's not everyday you get a kick-ass superhero who saves the day by taking pictures!

Amaterasu from Okami:
A god who can do nearly anything by drawing on the world. Also, she is a wolf. + Awesome points. :D

Rayman is blissfully ignorant which is really funny.
PoP is always fit. For Christ's sake.
Jade is always vigilant.
Amaterasu is heroic, brave and yet soft at heart. :)

There is absolutely nothing I dislike about Rayman!
PoP is usually more Americanized than I'd like him to be.
I have no quarrels with Jade either.
Amaterasu can't swim properly.

Favorite Era:
The era in the new 2008 Prince of Persia game was one I really enjoyed playing through.

Can you please keep the comment section on this blog post for discussion of the first paragraph and make sure you keep your favourites discussion in the forum thread? I seperated the two for a reason. Thanks.

Please keep the language to PG-13. We don't want to hear about what you do by yourself in your spare time.
Mikau wrote:
Please keep the language to PG-13. We don't want to hear about what you do by yourself in your spare time.

Good, standards are nice! =D
All I want the guild to do for me is create more RPG games, either that or ban the entry of Final Fantasy spam into the guild listings, they're all just laggy rip-offs of the same tired story, having more than one serves no true purpose.

Favourite Male Hero
Edison Trent - From the Digital Anvil game "Freelancer".

Edison's a pretty cool guy, eh fights Nomads, destroys Pirates, talks like a bad-ass and doesn't afraid of anything

How can you dislike Edison Trent?
I don't know what form it would take, but I'd like to see session-based games and multiple replays encouraged. (Leftley's Treasure Quest is an example of such a game.) There's nothing wrong with a short campaign. A world can seem just as immersive through multiple plays as through a continuous one.

Persistent online RPGs require constant service that not even paid teams from mainstream companies manage to do successfully. Even if a few develop far enough, the time investment will force players to stick with a specific game. While an individual developer might be able to attract outsiders, it won't do much good for the rest of the guild.

I'd like a decrease in scope so that developers can see light at the end of the tunnel. Session-based games can be completed. That means more games for the guild. Meanwhile, the relatively low time investment means they can share their audience and new players can feel free to join without a commitment. That means more activity and more people for the guild.
"While the Tech Tree is great, you have to wait a week to get the news, I post news at the top as soon as I find it, as nobody has given me anything as of yet. But the point is that we want people to frequent the guilds, not just look when something is posted and then wait for their pager to tell them to come again."

Unfortunately, the people are in the pager. If they're not frequenting the guilds then they're not going to look at them. =)

Could you somehow use the blog comments (layout option) for your Latest News section? The items still wouldn't have to be enough to fill a blog post. However, anyone subscribed could receive updates sort of like Twitter tweets that require an extra click... Granted, getting people to subscribe in the first place is still a problem.
The idea really is that we want people to frequent the guild on their own, without us having to send them a notification all the time. We want people to use the forums to start conversations and actually discuss things. We want this to be a place where people come on a regular basis as part of their daily(byond) habit. I know it's asking for a lot, but I'm sure there are tons of other websites that the members here frequent, so there must be something we're missing, which was the point of this post. What are we missing?
What are we missing?

Exciting games and/or projects?


Get rid of the games that arent even hosted anymore.
Lower the number of top games from 9 to 5.That will make it more elite and people will strive to get in.