sooo... im basically trying to get it as close to the anime as possible any help would be greatly appreciated.

Work In Progress!
=D i see the grid is heavily present,ill get rid of that.
Image is borked.
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woot!? awsome!!!!
It's a good idea but i can see it getting anoying, maybe using sound might be better... pretty creative though!
Looks pretty grid-like, espeacially horizontally, maybe more spacing and fewer pressure line things?
Also looks like rain a bit, like it's going down instead of up, other than that, it's a r'ly cool idea.
Keep up teh good work ;)
well im doing another version,what i had planned was having it fade in,transitioning from barely visible,which would represent weak spiritual pressure to the heavy more visible spiritual pressure which is what is what currently on this thick,heavily visible one would only be used by more high-leveled players/NPCs

if you save the .gif you'll see that the animation is more intricate than they appear.

still WIP.ill post an update later.

Don't make it like when you get hit by a rasengan in GOA,everybody on your screen screen shakes.
Obvious Grid is Obvious.
But the idea is unique and I do like it.

Doesn't look like the spirit pressure at all. You really need to look at the episodes with this in it, and see that the pressure actually shakes a bit... Get rid of the grid.
The show had a bit of a shake, with some faded black lines in it. It seemed like things froze with a bit of a tremor.
Doesn't look much as spiritual presure , more like you wanted do it to look like some old movie. Ehh good try, though.But I rellay like most of your work
i like this idea but i would also like to suggest another icon for spiritual presure well try to make the base put his hands close together then release them epically fast and a burst of spirit pressure(blue) comes from his legs and rises up to form an aura... but i have no talent and i cant code icon or anything so yeah... if thats to complicated this is good =P and unlike most bleach games dont make players screens shake just lift some rocks up randomly in the screen xD or... u can just make a shake icon for trees and grass and stuff and when u use spirit pressure the turfs around u should change to there shake icon to actually make u feel like ur icon is shaking

-nawuto =3
Okay, Branks was right on there Zane. I'm doing the same thing with Bleach Breeze, so I don't wanna give out all my ideas, buuuut I will help you out. In the show, when a strong spiritual pressure enters the area, the ones who can sense it...sense it. They show the small shake, and the the same type of animation you're trying to depict. In the show, it looks like it's raining from the ground. Try getting that, AND get that shaking. in the show, it doesn't last that long either, so it should get annoying if you make it last for like 2 seconds. When you're focusing your spiritual pressure on set targets, the it's supposed to annoy and weaken them, and last for as long as you can make it last. Also, in the show, the characters REACT to the pressure. So, it would help to have the character have an animation showing him/her reacting to the pressure, like he/she is shocked and looking for it at the same time. That's pretty much my idea, but I want to see how it might work out for you...
ill post a new one using the suggestions momentarily
I just watched a new bleach episode and i just relized thinking about spiritual pressure in the game you should be able to choose if you wanna stay a human or shini or any other race if your still a human then your character wont be aloud to the enter the area that the spiritual pressure or it will damage you because they cant sense it! just like the episode when ulquiorra and that other arrancar came and orahime and chad and all the other people there were all hurt and couldnt go near the battle of ichigo ulquiiora and the other arrancar..
Spiritual Pressure(SP) is when a person spiritual is so strong that anyone with weak spiritual can die from unbreathing air the SP does. So in most cases a person would drop down just to catch their breath and so SP wouldn't harm them. Best way to icon this would to make it like to pouring down on them but instead of like rain style, make it like left to right up to down style. If that dont work in that case, try an vibration Style.(Do not try make screen shake that is annoying)
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