Help, If I go over 40, I will break at every bend in the road and slow down to 35. I only gain the confidence to speed up when a passing zone comes along and is clear.

Arg. These people make blood vessels in my head pop (not litteraly). I live in a rural area near Charlotte, NC. If you have never been to north Carollina, you would know that the roads bend a lot. Left, right, up, and down they bend.

Passing people can be dangerous and rarely does a passing lane come. The speed limit almost everywhere around here is 55mph.

Almost every day I get stuck behind someone going 40-50mph. They break at every bend in the road, oncoming cars almost make them stop, and god forbid a 16 wheeler comes though.

It is just so annoying. If I had the option to pass, it would not be so bad. Even my brother wont pass people in the little passing lanes that are normally around curves, and he owns a Honda S2000 (it's fast and handles like a dream).

If you can't drive, get off the road. Why don't the cops pull these people over? They cause me to speed when I can to make up the time lost from getting behind them.

This has been Rant #2 in the records of "Scoobert's FACE Rants". Please stay tuned for more soon.