Applies to:BYOND Development
Status: Redundant

This feature has already been implemented, or is already achievable with existing methods.
Up / Down voting(similar to Youtube's video voting system.) for which features / bugs(maybe) people would like to see added / fixed in the quickest time. And for development to be based on BYOND's user base instead of what the developers would like to work on first.
This should be implemented everywhere, and has been requested multiple times before.
I can't seem to find the issue where this was brought up before, but I think Falacy's right that it was.

Yea/nay could be added to the issues themselves and might help show which issues have the most interest, which could be helpful in deciding what to tackle first, but very often we already know which issues are most important to people. The order in which bugs are worked on or features are added has a lot more to do with feasibility than popularity, though, and that will never change in general because it's the only way this works. There are however times when there are no major issues pressing and Tom feels like tackling a major feature, and at those times the big popular features get a lot of atention--for those times, voting might be somewhat helpful.
This could be marked as resolved now that the voting is in, right?
*coughs* thanks, but this was suggested july of last year before redundancy came into play ):