Over a year of silence from tall, dark, and shadowy, but I am still alive and kicking.

I have finally updated BigAtom to correct a problem with it not reporting Bump() messages as it should have. Now BigAtom parts will call Bump() whenever they are blocked by a dense atom.

I'm not 100% certain that it will handle Bump() exactly the same as the default Move() system does, but to make up for that I have made the bumping system customizable through the new bigatom_BumpCheck() proc. The bigatom_BumpCheck(turf/T) proc will be called whenever a BigAtom part is blocked from moving into turf T. By default, bigatom_BumpCheck() will call Bump() for the turf if it is dense, or the first dense atom found within the turf.

I hope this helps everyone who has been experiencing problems with BigAtom Bump()ing.

Now if I can just finish Darke Dungeon. ~.~
Wow. Earlier in Chatters, I said I wondered what you were up to. Now you suddenly pop up. I should talk about you more often!

Welcome back! ...for however long it may be.
So you were the one who dared to summon me from my slumber! *chuckles* Nice to see you're still around, Yota. Hopefully we can get together and play sometime soon. :)
DarkeDungeon Update 5

ya? ya?
*banishes Shadowdarke back to the basement*
Oh no... first Dan and now Darke! Nadrew you FIEND!
Better not be both darkes sometime down the line. :[
Well this is a pleasant surprise.
Welcome back ShadowDarke
*laughs* I don't even have a copy of Darke Dungeon update 5 anymore, or I'd post it and make you play it. ;p Back then I hadn't even considered that players might actually attack the NPC trainers (yeah, DD was VERY different then) and Foomer murdered them all. Good times!

And no, Nedrew's basement is not a nice place. Dan's really starting to smell. ~.~

It's nice to see a lot of old friends are still around. I'm glad to see you all. :)
i will donate to you if you finish darke dungeon soon. :p
Zxcvdnm wrote:
i will donate to you if you finish darke dungeon soon. :p

Heh, thanks for the encouragement. I'm actually working on a commissioned project right now, so it may be a while before Darke Dungeon gets an update. :(