Recently, I've both found the Lord and Saviour, Jesus H. Christ, and I've also realized that I have an addiction. This addiction is actually quite common among BYOND's population (I would assume, at least), and as such, I urge you to save yourselves (click this) and be accepted into the arms of God.
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I once saw this website called 'Teens Intimate Today (TIT)'. I'll try finding the link.

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W--t--f. Porn Watcher!
I thought it was Jesus Chong?
anyone else just wanna raid that forum?
EnigmaticGallivanter wrote:
anyone else just wanna raid that forum?

Yes. Be careful, though, their privacy policy states that if you say you did something illegal, or that someone else did, they'll report you to the police.

However, apparently watching porn under 18 is something they don't report, even though that's also illegal.
Pretty sure it's impossible to not be addicted to porn.
Yay, a new site to troll. =) Good find.

[Edit] As soon as I can find a way to register a username that is.
This site should be the new rick roll.
If someone finds the registration link post it here.
Lolz, while looking for the registration link, I found this thread. It's great because he claims to be straight even though he gets off to gay pr0nz.

EDIT: Someone can email their company asking how to register: Also, whoever just sends an e-mail that just has "cunt" for the title to them wins 10 internets from me.
Link 1

Link 2

I was going to put Bunchie as the name at first.
DarkHorizon wrote:
Link 1

Link 2

I was going to put Bunchie as the name at first.

You are the greatest person in the world.
I found a quote in the front page that said, "When I'm drowning in my own mess He lifts me up out of it." lol that sounds so disgusting
Here's what I sent them, I hope they let me become a member.

Hello, I am struggling with an addiction to porn. I have been watching porn since I was eight. I found it in my parents bedroom and didn't know what it was. I was instantly hooked. I was always trying to find something new. By the age of 12 I was having sex with men and women much older than myself for pure excitement.

My favorite porn nowadays is bestiality, trannies, rape, and dom. I can't get enough. My lust for porn has driven me nearly broke. Free sites like porntube and xnxx, etc just don't offer the extreme stuff I am looking for so I need to pay for it. Sometimes I'll steal friends credit cards to extend my membership to these sites.

Porn has driven me to have wild sexual fantasies. Having sex with a granny, or my own mother is my fantasy. I can't live like this anymore though. I really need help and someone to talk to about this. I found your site while porn surfing. Ironic or fate? Please help me.
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