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Ok. Well when I initially released this game, I set up someone to be a 'helper' to update this HUB page so that they could take care of updates in my absence. Well it seems that instead of doing that, they basically deleted all content on the HUB, took the source code and started their own HUB. That is why all the links and what have you are missing.

I've put the links back up, so now people are welcome to host the game, or download the source code from and edit it as they please.

These links are for the original unedited version of the game.

If you want to play one of the new and improved version, you'll have to take it up with whoever did the modifications and hosting for that. I have no idea who was hosting or who did the modifications :)
Mind updating the host file download link?
The download link is broken...
THe link isn't working can you please get it fixed? Thanks it would be a great help!