Since me crossing upon this review. HamDoctor?command=view_post&post=99349. I realize how bad of a job I been doing, but I have to say it's hard to show your talent when far more others are better. It seems like everyone has seen the flaws in CIE, but me. I've been caught in my head that I made it to my goal, but stopped there. The review not only opened my eyes, but it showed me that maybe this isn't my calling. This is my sign of defeat, as our morale as a staff is gone. We are slowly fixing bugs and adding new things, we have created a new skin and attempted to increase out appeal. This is a Beta, instead of complaining to yourself or staff about bugs. Please help us find them by creating a detailed report. Thank you.

Edit: This isn't a msg of quitting. I'm just expressing the way I was feeling at the time. Please don't take this the wrong way.
Ham Doctor is a troll just so you know, Your game is great don't let fag like him who are going to die alone, change your opinion about your game.

That was his first review and people on BYOND give games low ratings to try to act cool to other members, Ham Doctor is a troll the ratings were not accurate, if you like I could make an accurate review for you.

Edit : He Also Mentions he doesn't like RP thats why he gave it low ratings just because he isn't good at RPing.
Sugar, we're going down swinging.
Bad reviews are good. It just shows where you need to improve. It also shows that someone cared enough to write a review. Don't take it so personal. I've released plenty of bad games that nobody has ever taken the time to write reviews for.

Bad Review > No Review
Ignore his review, i got banned from posting for expressing my opinion on his Biased review, he probably got anal raped by someones bokken and had no one to cry to ;3
I'm glad that you're not quitting. As I was reading, I had this thought that you were.

His review is completely crap anyways, even Rugg has suggested this game over any other role-play on BYOND and he's a well known reviewer. This "Ham" guy isn't anything.

Stick with it, you definitely have a lot of talent and anyone with two eyes can see that in-game. :)
Some stuff I agree with, but most...Just...Horrible. I mean, it's got great graphics, and a great system. But, the Roleplay IS mostly about nubs wanting to be the strongest....It doesn't mean I hate the game, it's actually like...My favorite game on Byond. I'm just saying, RP could be a lot better.