Ikou Era Classic

by AllSmiles
Ikou Era Classic
Live and feel feudal Japan.
Alright, reviewing another RP game for the hell of it.

Intro: The rp focuses on the anime "Samurai Champloo". A story about 2 samurai hired as mercenaries by some mary sue. They travel around to different places trying to find this another samurai. It seems impossible to make an rp game about an action/comedy with wandering samurai and the game doesn't do much to make it seem more possible. But don't get me wrong, its not a bad game.

Gameplay:Well every rp game basically strives you to be the best of something. In this rp its the best Samurai. You start out the game as a citizen. You can become a samurai and... nothing else. You can be an archer(which I don't recall any existing in the anime) but you currently can't due to them being bugged.

So basically you either either be a samurai who fights other samurais. A teacher who trains people to become samurais on their own. A shogun who controls a town. A theif, a drifter, a monk, etc. Pretty much all of these have minor roles.

Anyways to the fighting system itself, which I thought it would be more interactive due to Mugen's wild-sword and melee style along with that samurai in blue's swift slashing style. But what I found was just a single attack button. ALTHOUGH you have to run around to keep attacking and you can customize your 'only' attack command with a stats system.

Each stat determines on how good you are at attacking and dodging obviously. Personally I think not having a limit to how many stat points you can have creates the flaw of the game. Since its not DBZ where you can keep getting stronger to the point where no one can defeat you.

Graphics & Sounds: There is no sound from what I can hear. But the icons in it pretty well-fitted to the map. The game has a lot of animations to the base icon, yet the attack on has one animation. The map also has well-made turf icons.

Originality:Since its based off of an anime, I can't really give it a 10. I heard the base icon is a rip from some old bleach game and I also noticed that some of the door icons were used before.

Community: Just like my last review, the community has had a big impact on the game. Everytime you login theres always an arguement in OOC. Whether it would be members vs members or members vs staff.

At first when I play this game, there wasnt much people to rp with, and everyone wanted to kill me. Then a good friend of mines told me how much the game sucked and racist, so I stopped playing. Then I picked it up again and I actually started to becomee a strong samurai, even trained by the best.

There is also an excessive amount of noobs, hell even some noobs have important game titles. And no im not saying that to insult anymore, I mean they literally can't rp. Although the ones who can are the one who gets benefits as they get rewarded with yen or SP for how good their rps are.

Overall:Well you don't have to watch the anime to enjoy the game itself, but if you like being a samurai then I would recommend this game for you. I also recommend the game to people who are good at rping and want to own noobs. The stat system needs to be limited, and harder to gain stats.
Actually we do have a system that limits the strongest players from gainning SPS. The Ladder System. The higher you are, the lesser you gain.
I find it interesting that it is acceptable that people can kill people who do not know how to RP. It's rather ambiguous, isn't it? How do you establish that? Where is the line drawn between someone who does not know how to RP and someone who does? And why should you treat someone like that in an environment that is established as RP and not RPPVP? People do have the capacity to learn; just a matter of using the tools (that you have eloquently provided by the way) available to them and a little bit of time.

In fact, not five seconds after I logged in I was pulled into a completely different map by a player who then tried to establish if I knew how to RP or not.

I found this treatment to be rather irritating. I don't want to log into a game just to be interrogated for little reason straight out, all so people can kill me all they want in an RP game.

As the writer has pointed out, I think that kind of logic can detract from the legitimacy of the RP environment.
What's with the game? Will it be online?
Thats a very accurate discription of the game Yes I love to Train Students to become samurais so they can own noobs with my style and i like to destroy noobs myself with my descriptive RP...(and also my Katana, Kaze Momaru)
Late comment but lrn2review. You can't even spell half the words correctly.