Users can follow posts.
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Status: Resolved (web)

This issue has been resolved.
Once in a while I find a forum thread relatively intriguing, but I have nothing significant to provide. Therefore, I will not be notified if any future replies are created. My feature request is straightforward, similar to the blog's subscribe link; I would like to see each thread fitted with a "Subscribe to this thread" link.

The gist of its function is to notify the subscriber each time a reply has been created to the thread.
On top of this, it currently only sends you a notification of a new forum post if its in direct response to one of yours.
I agree. There's a thread over in computing with the C++/Java debate and whatnot, and I'd really like to subscribe to that, but I've got nothing to say. Been wondering about this for a while, but maybe there could be a way to:
subscribe to this thread
subscribe to all replies for this post (everything that follows the post, and those posts)
subscribe to (just) replies for this post

(turning falacy's statement into an actual request)
Yes we need to do this
There are a few threads I'll like to read new posts on but can't keep track of all of them
Calus CoRPS resolved issue with message:
Users can follow posts.