Greetings, Roleplayers!

As many of you now know, Hazordhu II's anticipated update to version 5.4 has been delayed due to the personal life of the programmer. But do not fear! Rather than wait until version 5.4 can be released, we've decided to jump straight to our list of things for 5.5!

I would like to let you all know before you read further: Version 5.5 will be done gradually and updated to the main server a little at a time. Updates will begin at the top of this list, and work their way down.

PvE Updates
First of all, I'm happy to announce that the lands of Hazordhu are about to get much more dangerous! We have 6 new animals planned, one of which is already thundering around the archipelago, and another is lurking in the rivers and lakes of the land, waiting to pounce unsuspecting victims! We're also adding some improvements to the animals AI. Already, animals are striking fear into the hearts of unsuspecting travelers with fearsome roars and screeching wails.

Another feature of this update will be several new items and abilities involving animals. These include setting traps, taming animals to not only ride, but play with them, and more!

Just for Fun!
There will be a few new additions that will be added just for fun. These will include things like balls and cards, allowing people in communities to play with one another, without worrying about the turmoils of the world around them.

Culinary Additions
The next goodie that's on its way is the development of the culinary system! Players will be open to various options for cooking and baking, allowing them to make bread, cakes, stews, soups, and a number of other delicious concoctions.

Another fun update involving this is the addition of three new plants! Shumsherms (Mushrooms) and Flung (Fungi) will be found underground, and a new plant with mysterious properties will be found around the surface.

Class System
The final feature of version 5.5 will be the re-introduction of the class system to Hazordhu II. This system will encourage community interaction through a selected profession. Players will be required to choose a class upon creation, which will then limit them to the skills and abilities that class has available to them.

Planned classes are:
- Woodworker
- Blacksmith
- StoneMason
- Farmer
- Cook
- Hermit
- Beast-master
- Fisherman
- Tailor
- Hunter
- Alchemist
Yea for activity!
Yea! Now add some decent medals so I can add Hazordhu to Medal Metal Arena.
Vermolius wrote:
Yea! Now add some decent medals so I can add Hazordhu to Medal Metal Arena.

All in due time. :P
You've got a little while. I'm doing pretty well everything for MMA sooo, yeah..
What. You got me excited for nothen f0laky.
What do you mean?
You can take a look at what I've done so far by checking out the Change Log or by stopping in to see for yourself.
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