Poll: How do you prefer to learn how to play a game?

Read a wall/screens of text 7% (2)
Be told what to do step by step 17% (5)
Press buttons until stuff happens 10% (3)
Receive hints/tips as you perform actions within the game 46% (13)
Be shown what to do by animated gameplay/video 14% (4)
Other (comment) 3% (1)

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Sup Byonders, long time no see kinda..Anyways, down to business. I'm still in the planning stages of creating a way to quickly yet effectively teach players how to play a game since very few people (especially new players) enjoy just staring at text. My first consideration is a somewhat active learning approach as in having the player do things as instructed but that's truly no more than glorified timed text, so I'm at a bit of a standstill. This is where you guys come in...
I prefer to receive hints/tips in-game. Like a built in tutorial or something of the sort. I wouldn't mind a animated game play/video either though.
I prefer smashing buttons till I do stuff.
Quick tutorials are fine for games with levels, but I prefer help files that I can access at any time when dealing with match-based games. Either way, tips throughout are good.