by ACWraith
Maps created by Spuzzum for use with ACWraith's Webcrawl.
You may also find these webs at http://developer.byond.com/hub/Spuzzum/SpuzzumWebs. However, this hub entry you are looking at right now will install them in your Webcrawl/Webs directory for easy access.

Map Descriptions:
# Anthill (spzAnthill.web) - A tangled mess of tunnels ought to make this frustrating!
# Conflictus (spzConflictus.web) - Which approach do you take?
# Coopetition (spzCoopetition.web) - Cooperation and competition combined.
# CQC (spzCQC.web) - Close quarters combat.
# Cross Criss (spzCrossCriss.web) - A tangled mess in the middle.
# Crosswebs (spzCrosswebs.web) - When people don't have crosshairs to rely on.
# King of the Hole (spzKotH.web) - For those with acrophobia.
# Sidewise (spzSidewise.web) - Minor detours.
# O, What a Tangled Web We Weave (spzTangled.web) - A complicated map of weaving in and out. Can you handle it?
# Territorial Dispute (spzTerritory.web) - If you want that bug, you'll have to cross enemy lines.
# Widow's Abdomen (spzWidow.web) - A battle through a cramped midsection.