by Acebloke
[AMT] Get from the bottom to the top of the board without being hit
Geekdash v1.1

Geekdash now has multiplayer function, allowing you to watch others, and see if you can beat their top scores !

Quick extra: Added help at login, and added say command.


Geekdash is easy to play, if no ones playing, click the board and your piece will be placed on the bottom row. Your objective is to get to the top row, to do so you must click on a square next to your piece (diagonals included) and try to dodge the other pieces on the board. Its easy as that ! But, later on it starts to get harder..


Arrow: This piece will go in the same direction as it shows.
Block: You wont be able to go on these pieces
Random!: This will go randomly in any space next to it.
Halo: Same as Random!, but will only go in free spaces (squares with no pieces).

Have fun !

v1.1 updates

* Added Interface.
* Added Classic Geekdasher Medal.
* Fixed disappearing bug when player starts on block.
* Added moves to the game.
* Added level/moves scoreboard on hub.

Geekdash is now part of the "AceMedalTable" ! You can take part after gaining medals in this game by this link and following the instructions:
randoms/halos need to diaf