Naruto Classic

by Amalkamis
Naruto Classic
A Naruto Roleplaying game to first introduce true stat training and Village/Clan Jutsu
A special thanks to the Rynio Uzumaki Source for giving us a great base to work off

Lead Program Writer - Kidpaddle45
Program Writer - Killop
Interface Designer - Kidpaddle45
World Graphics artist - Kidpaddle45, Killop
Avatar Designer - Kidpaddle45, Killop
Chatrooom Designer - Kidpaddle45
Jutsu Designer - Kidpaddle45, Killop
Server Maintanence - Amalkamis
Hub Design - Amalkamis, WoogieBoogieNig
Storyline Editor - Amalkamis
Storyboard Editors - Amalkamis,WoogieBoogieNig
Host - Amalkamis
Owners - Shiek, Kidpaddle45
Admins - Amalkamis(Host)

Three hundred years after the start of the Naruto series, a sinister force is starting to find it's way throughout the ninja world. The bodies of long dead warriors have arisen in their buriel shrines to offer their knowledge of techniques to fight this new syndicate. Villages who abandoned the original kage system have began to resort to ancient methods and once again appoint leaders of their villages to thwart off the threat.

Only the 5 original Great nations still adopt the Kage system and are still recognized throughout the ninja world for their individual village prowess: Leaf(Hokage), Sand(Kazekage), Mist(Mizukage), Rock(Tsuchikage), and Cloud(Raikage).

Other ninja who oppose this system have left their villages have abandonded. These other villagers have special leaders: Grass(Kusa Daimyo), Snow(Yuki Daimyo), Waterfall (Kesshi no Taki), Rain (Arashi no Hanshi) and Sound (Otokage).

Hidden deeper within the villages are secret organizations that plot against both alliances causing both internal and external strife between the alliances, and the alliances themselves. Entrance into these unknown organizations require one to renounce their loyalty towards the villages and forever become rogue/missing ninja. Even then, acceptance into these organizations isn't guarenteed.

Know one thing.

If they want you they will get you...

What will happen to you? Only you can decided!


1.No OOC in IC
2.No IC in OOC
3.No Metagaming.
4.No Killing without an appropriate Reason. (Warning/Save Wipe/Ban)
5.No AFK training. (Warning with Asterisk/Save Wipe)
6.Don't Rp a move if you dont got the verb. (Warning/1 day ban/Perma ban)
7.Don't remake for clans. (Warning/Save wipe/Ban)
8.Don't insult other players.(Warning/Mute(GM discretion)/Ban)
9.Don't ask for edits. (Boot/Ban)
10.Don't disrespect GMs/Admins. (Mute/Boot/Ban)

--GM Rules--
1.Follow all player rules.
2.Don't edit.
3.Don't abuse your powers.
4.Don't give special attention towards friends.
5.Don't use your GM teleport in an RP, unless resolving a game specific issue.

The Will of Fire (Konoha Alliance)

leaf village Pictures, Images and Photos, sand village Pictures, Images and Photos, grass village Pictures, Images and Photos, snow village Pictures, Images and Photos.

The Might of Oppression (Sound Alliance)

sound village Pictures, Images and Photos, mist village Pictures, Images and Photos, rain village Pictures, Images and Photos, waterfall village Pictures, Images and Photos.

Neutral/Missing Nin Safe Villages

stone village, lightning village

Is this game dead???
The game isnt dead,it just started as a new game,new graphics and new gameplay too,for all fans of naruto classic,this game will be a great game!